Cosmetics Solutions

On behalf of beauty and eternal youth – KNAPP Cosmetics Solutions

With cosmetics and health products, product characteristics pose a special challenge in an intralogistics system. KNAPP’s customers can especially profit from the many years of experience that KNAPP has in the area of cosmetics as well as from the optimal combination of individual components, assembled into a customized all-in-one solution.

Optimal handling of products for the highest customer satisfaction

Special challenges in fully-automated warehouse processes for cosmetics are the handling of very small items and the gentle handling of fluids. For these requirements, KNAPP has long since made the grade in numerous installations, with highest customer satisfaction.

Higher throughput and error-free strategy

In cosmetics warehouses, KNAPP achieves extremely high throughputs (800-8000 cartons per hour) with low error rates, enabling our customers to profit from a very high service level to the end customer.

Flexible design of the use cases

Especially for Direct to Business, the flexible KNAPP systems can handle the high seasonal fluctuations in cosmetics. The intralogistic all-in-one solutions from KNAPP adapt optimally to your use cases, and support the various requirements from Direct to Customer business to shop delivery. Design your use cases according to your ideas, with KNAPP, your partner for Cosmetics Solutions.

Automation made to order: It all depends on the right mix

The optimal interplay between the automation solution and manual processes is the key to success. The higher level control system unifies the automatic and manual processes from the selection of the optimal storage location in the OSR Shuttle™, to automatic picking with the central belt autopicker (SDA), to the creation of batch orders for manual picking.