The customer

Natura Logística with headquarters in Cajamar is one of the leading companies for cosmetics, perfumes and sanitary products in South America. This distribution centre in Cajamar serves some 600,000 sales partners throughout Brazil.

The challenge

In order to strengthen its position on the Latin American market and to handle the growing range of products, Natura opted for process optimization in its Cajamar distribution centre. The main demands:

  • Maximum use of the limited storage space
  • Efficient order processing even with a growing range of products
  • Order picking directly into cartons
  • Minimization of errors in the replenishment process
  • Harmonization of all warehouse processes to an efficient all-in-one system

The solution

On a floor space of 10,000m2, KNAPP realized a highly-integrated manual picking solution that optimally uses the available space and reacts dynamically to changes in the ABC structure of the products.

Overview of the Cajamar distribution centre
  • Stacker crane system with KiSoft Motion location management for putting full cases  into storage and for refilling the dynamic racks for slow and medium-moving products
  • Warehouse control system KiSoft WCS
  • Software module Volumetrix for calculating the ideal carton size
  • Carton handling: automatic carton erectors for different types of cartons, carton closers, label applicators
  • Paperless picking with Pick-to-Light
  • Sort & Pack stations for e-commerce orders

The KNAPP solution is tailored to the needs of the customer – the new logistics system offers maximum flexibility in terms of changes in prices and range of products and ensures optimized transit times with an extremely low error rate. The customer already achieved a significant increase in turnover in a very short time. The close cooperation between the project teams of Natura and KNAPP gave rise to one of the most impressive distribution centres for cosmetics worldwide.

Replenishment for flow racks
The stacker cranes automatically store full cases from the high-bay pallet racking system and automatically provide reliable replenishment to the flow racks for slow and medium-moving products products.

Carton handling
Several carton erectors supply cartons to the manual picking areas in various sizes. The software module Volumetrix calculates the optimal carton size for each order. The cartons automatically receive a label with barcode and dispatch information.

Paperless picking
Pick-to-Light displays are used in the manual stations, ensuring maximum picking performance with low error rates. The position displays of the Pick-to-Light guide the operator to the relevant storage location and indicate the number of products to be picked. The operator then confirms the action.

E-commerce orders
E-commerce orders are processed in separate Sort & Pack stations. The orders are grouped together and picked in batches. After order picking, operators pack the individual orders for dispatch in the 3 Sort & Pack stations.

Key figures
Sector: Cosmetics
Location: Cajamar, Brazil
Total floor space: 10,000m2
Number of products: 1,200
Items/day: 765,000