KNAPP brings new technology to warehouse logistics.

Working with our customers all over the world,
we develop customized solutions.

Uniting technological know-how
with our long established experience
in diverse industries is the key for our successful solutions.

Dicarina, the leading wholesale distributor of consumer products in Panama City contracted KNAPP to install their state-of-the-art KiSoft WMS, including an automation solution with Pick-to-Belt, RF-picking and shoe sorter. KNAPPs innovative and scalable turn-key solution will be the heart of Dicarina’s new central distribution center. The systems of KNAPP will manage all warehouse processes from receiving, detrash, put-away, picking with pick-to-belt and split-case picking to sorting, shipping and guided loading processes. Sobek Logistica, KNAPP’s preferred partner in the North of Latin America, has been a key player in this project. Go-Live by the customer is scheduled for February 2016.

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DB Services GmbH has commissioned KNAPP with a feasibility study on Wearable Services. A KiSoft WebEye system solution is being implemented in Munich.

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The Open Shuttles by KNAPP find their way through the warehouse safely and quickly. The driverless transport vehicles are successfully operating at the Grene central warehouse in Denmark. In July 2012, Grene decided on a comprehensive expansion and a retrofit of the existing warehouse system to keep up with the growing market demands and to become equipped for multi-channel. Along with the heart of the solution, the goods-to-person picking system OSR Shuttle, the Open shuttles are now independently handling complex transport jobs. 

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