Pallet Handling Systems for automatic storage and warehouse systems

Pallet handling systems are used in automatic storage systems or warehouses. Within these areas the goods are usually handled on pallets, in containers or as a different type of unit load. Pallet Handling Systems include all logistic equipment used to process the goods including conveyors, stacker cranes, picking stations, palletizers, and packing and labelling machines, etc.

The design of automatic storage and warehouse systems is determined by parameters identified in a project analysis and specification stage.
The analysis establishes guidelines for the design of the solutions both from technical and operational perspectives.

The system capacity and functionality are determined and may be simulated to verify that the system possesses the right properties.

KNAPP offers solutions for all kinds of material handling equipment within the warehouse and logistic area. This ensures that the required functionalities are met for the processes of handling orders, articles and materials, as well as finished products and pallets.

The equipment is space-saving and cost-efficient, and enables short handling times and good ergonomics.

KNAPP provides handling equipment for stores and warehouses for all types of industries. Automatic cranes are designed for loads between 50 and 7,000 kg, offering high capacity and performance. The cranes may be installed in different environments from -30 to + 60°C.

KNAPP supplies complex pallet handling systems for storage systems and warehouses for goods-in, pallet picking, consolidation and dispatch systems.
The conveyor systems are composed of standard units from our Maximove program, and include roller and chain conveyors, vertical conveyors, transfer units, turn tables, transfer cars, and pallet magazines etc.

The systems are managed and monitored by the KiSoft Warehouse Management System and controlled by PLC systems.