Automation creates space in the pharmacy

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At this one-of-a-kind expert forum on March 11, 2015 Styrian pharmacists looked into the following questions: How can pharmacies benefit from automation? How much additional time can pharmacists gain for hands-on time with their customers? 

Many Styrian pharmacists followed the invitation from KNAPP and Apostore, visiting Hart bei Graz for the expert forum Automation in Styrian Pharmacies. The two companies are specialists for automation solutions in the pharmaceutical industry and have been combining their efforts in pharmaceutical order processing since 2014. “In Germany, numerous pharmacies are already using our Apostore Cube+ autopicker in their daily operations and now Austrian pharmacies are catching up”, says Dr. Frank Jung, Managing Director at Apostore. At the opening, the president of the Styrian Chamber of Pharmacists, Dr. Gerhard Kobinger, stressed the relevance of the topic: “Pharmacies are the number one local supplier for health. People come to the pharmacy not just for medication, but also to get advice. They rely on our recommendations in medicines and questions of health. Everything that relieves the pharmacist from the routine logistical work load, such as a warehouse robot, creates time for high-quality consultation.”

Reliable autopickers – the wow factor
The conclusion of the pharmacists regarding the expert forum and the automation solutions was consistently positive. In particular, Mag. Silvia Knittel-Sapetschnig from the Vitalis Pharmacy in Klagenfurt spoke clearly of the advantages, but also about the initial concerns that they had: “We wanted the most possible space for working with our customers and made plans for automation from the beginning. The autopicker demonstrated its speed and reliability to our team – therefore we can concentrate on our customers. We see our main function as advising customers individually. Since our “colleague” the autopicker carries out the logistical work 100 % in the background, we have more time for consultation. The success is evident in our growing customer base.”

More space with a small investment
The flexible, modular system of the Apostore Cube+ is especially suited to small and mid-sided branch pharmacies. Getting started with automation is easy: A start module can be expanded as desired depending on how the business develops. The lightweight construction means that the module can be set up on the ground floor, upstairs or in the basement. The Apostore Cube+ means that stock discrepancies and long searches for articles belong to the past, since inventory can be carried out at the touch of a button. Setting up the module is fast and uncomplicated, with the basic variant installed in just two days. In addition to fast service and high quality, the Apostore comes with a 15 year guarantee.

How much potential lies in pharmacies?
An online calculator shows how back office efficiency is increased, and how much more time is left for customers when working with an Apostore autopicker:

About KNAPP and Apostore:
Established in 1952, KNAPP AG is today one of the worldwide leading suppliers of warehouse automation and warehouse logistics software. Internationally active, KNAPP is firmly rooted in Styria, with about 2,000 employees active in Styria of 2,600 worldwide. Company headquarters are located in Hart bei Graz, with additional Styrian locations in Leoben, Grambach and Dobl. In the 1970s, KNAPP did pioneering automation work in distribution centres for pharmaceutical wholesale, and has been the first contact for producers and wholesalers ever since. With the shareholding in Apostore, headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, KNAPP expands its portfolio and offers automation solutions for hospitals and pharmacies. In both 2011 and 2013, Apostore was voted as one of the top 100 most innovative companies in Germany and as best partner in pharmacy autopickers in 2013.

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