Leobener Logistik Sommer 2019 – digital minds

26th September 2019 - 27th September 2019

Everyone’s talking about digitization and its related developments. What are the chances and opportunities arising from it? What do the jobs of the future have in store for us and what role will artificial intelligence play? What effects will the digital age have on ethics and corporate culture? These questions and many more will be discussed in depth this year at the Leobener Logistik Sommer 2019, which revolves around the subject of digital minds.

Naturally, KNAPP will take part in the event, and we look forward to talking with you about topics pertaining to the digital future and to presenting our innovative answers to this trend.

You can find more information on the event at: Leobener Logistik Sommer 2019

(Event language: German)