SAP IT strategy end-to-end across the warehouse

For a few years now, SAP EWM has made it possible to use end-to-end SAP processes even in complex warehouses: while the standard ERP warehouse functionalities (WM/LES) only realize simple warehouses and make comprehensive custom programming at a medium requirement level necessary or require additional modules. SAP EWM is THE strategic warehouse solution and offers customers with a clear SAP IT strategy all the advantages of a SAP solution, especially the unified server and base technology, the optimal integration with other SAP modules, such as productions supply, ASN (Advanced Shipping Note), dangerous goods (Environmental, Health and Safety Management), and customs (Global Trade Services, etc.).

Supply Chain Execution – in the warehouse and beyond

SAP is a best of suite supplier and covers not only the mid-level and high-level requirements with EWM and KNAPP know-how, but also requirements that go beyond the warehouse. With the EWM integrated labour management, planned times can be determined, where the walking times are calculated to simulate the work load, staff allocation planning and bonuses. Yard Management and Dock Appointment Scheduling are used to manage the doors and the yards. Integration with SAP TM (Transport Management) and SAP EM (Event Management) makes it possible for optimization to extend beyond the warehouse: optimization of incoming and outgoing streams of goods, carriers and freight cost management, track and trace, etc.