Conveying & sorting

Conveyors play an important role within intralogistics systems. They supply and interconnect areas used for storage and picking, or for production and assembly. KNAPP has an extensive portfolio of conveyor systems that are tailored to a wide range of requirements. The classic conveyor system Streamline, for containers, cartons and trays, together with Powerline, for pallets, are ideal for high-performance applications. Flexible and powerful overhead conveyor systems bring new momentum to warehouse processes, particularly when combined with the innovative Sorter Pocket. Solutions using the Sorter Pocket are especially well-suited for use in e-commerce, omni-channel applications, fashion and production.

With the free-moving, intelligent Open Shuttles, KNAPP is in pole position in the field of driverless transport systems and is opening up new dimensions in flexible warehouse processes. Special solutions such as the puck conveyor system top off the KNAPP group’s portfolio.

The KNAPP group also offers various solutions for sorting and sequencing shipments efficiently, such as the OSR Shuttle™ Sorter, the innovative Sorter Pocket or the Split Tray Sorter.


Streamline is the KNAPP group’s container and carton conveyor system.
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Powerline is the KNAPP group’s pallet conveyor system.
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Open Shuttle

Open Shuttles are automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that can move completely freely across available spaces without any guiding lines.
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Overhead conveyor system

The overhead conveyor system is designed to convey goods on hangers.
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Puck conveyor system

Pucks are reliably transported by the puck conveyor system.
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OSR Shuttle™ Sorter

The OSR Shuttle™ Sorter is part of the OSR Shuttle™ product series and is based on proven shuttle technology.
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Pocket sorter system

The pocket sorter system is an overhead sorting and sequencing system that can be equipped with adapters for Sorter Pockets and/or with adapters for hangers.
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The Split Tray Sorter is a high-performance sorting system that reliably and quickly sorts flat-packed goods.
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