Automated storage systems play a central role in an intralogistics system, efficiently storing a large proportion of stock in minimal space. KNAPP is the leading provider of innovative shuttle systems. Smart solutions provide answers to the current challenges and trends in intralogistics.  

What are Smart Shuttles?

Smart Shuttles are KNAPP’s answer to the latest challenges and trends in intralogistics. Flexible, scalable, expandable, efficient, ergonomic, economical, and precise – Smart Shuttles open up new dimensions in intralogistics. KNAPP has shuttle solutions that cater to all possible requirements in the warehouse. Each solution can respond to new challenges and grow together with the business. The Smart Shuttles can be seamlessly integrated into the system as a whole, with customized software and ergonomic work stations.


What is an all-in shuttle?

KNAPP has applied its motto making complexity simple to the world of Smart Shuttles with its all-in shuttle concept. Making complexity simple means making complex tasks manageable. Storage, picking, buffering, sequencing, replenishment and supply; the all-in shuttle simplifies and consolidates a multitude of warehouse processes. .

OSR Shuttle™ Evo: Welcoming change!

The world is changing. Sometimes changes are abrupt, other times, changes develop slowly over time. One thing is for sure – changes always bring with them new challenges. Some of the challenges we are currently facing include the limited predictability of business developments as well as high demands for performance and quality. It’s challenges such as these that drive us forward in finding new solutions and developing existing solutions to provide you with a decisive competitive advantage. After careful development, building on over 15 years’ experience, market expertise and innovation, we are proud to present the new generation of shuttle systems – the OSR Shuttle™ Evo. Discover more.

OSR Shuttle Evo Rendering schwarz

OSR Shuttle™ Evo

The OSR Shuttle™ Evo is essentially designed as a storage and picking system and is uniquely versatile.
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The KNAPP-Store is an innovative storage and picking system that can be used along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, whether in wholesale or for online pharmacies.
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The INDU-Store is an efficient and versatile storage and picking solution.
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The Fastbox is a fast storage and buffer tower with an integrated lift system. It is usually connected to a Pick-it-Easy work station.
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Stacker cranes

The storage system portfolio also includes stacker cranes. KNAPP provides all-in-one solutions for containers, cartons and pallets including software.
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KNAPP Medication Dispenser

The KNAPP Medication Dispenser (KMeD) is an innovative automation solution for fast, efficient and accurate picking of patient-specific orders into vials.
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