Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers of the KNAPP Group

This Code of Conduct specifies the KNAPP group’s requirements that the suppliers and service providers (hereinafter referred to as « Business Partners ») shall observe and comply with.

The Business Partners undertake to instruct their employees according to the minimum standards mentioned below and ensure that these requirements are met, not only within their business activities, but also when selecting their suppliers.

These requirements may be adapted or expanded because of new legal requirements or changes to the compliance guidelines of the KNAPP group. If this is the case, the parties concerned shall be notified.

In the event of any breaches of this Code of Conduct, the Business Partner shall notify KNAPP thereof and immediately rectify these breaches. Should any grievances be suspected, they can be reported through or directly by email to

The Business Partner grants KNAPP or an authorized third party the right to monitor the compliance of these requirements by taking appropriate measures such as the provision of suitable documents or, if necessary, by inspecting the business premises on site, while cooperating throughout all these activities.

In the event of repeated disregard or grave breaches of these minimum standards, the KNAPP group reserves the right to prematurely terminate the existing contracts with the Business Partner in question and to end the business relationship. The Business Partner shall indemnify KNAPP against any and all resulting damage.

For more information on the individual topics, please refer to the current version of the KNAPP Code of Conduct.

1. Compliance with laws
Along with the corresponding applicable national laws and regulations, the internationally recognized human and labour rights, the conventions of the United Nations (UN) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) shall also be observed and adhered to.

2. Ban on child labour and forced labour
Any type of child labour as defined in the UN and the ILO conventions is prohibited. The Business Partner shall not employ anyone under the minimum age of 15 years. Any form of forced labour in line with the conventions of the ILO is also prohibited, as well as applying psychological or physical force or even using physical punishment.

3. Equality and anti-discrimination
KNAPP does not tolerate any form of discrimination, particularly based on gender, ethnic affiliation, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, belief or other characteristics protected by law. A working environment that is inclusive and provides equal opportunity shall be promoted.

4. Due diligence in the supply chain
The Business Partner shall make reasonable efforts to ensure human rights, fair working conditions and environmental standards, and that they are complied with within the supply chain. It is assumed that the applicable laws and any related due diligence requirements involving the procurement of conflict materials is complied with.

KNAPP encourages Business Partners to keep social and ecological consequences within the supply chain to a minimum.

5. Bribery, acceptance of gifts and corruption
The international standards and national laws on fighting corruption shall be complied with; the offering, promising or acceptance of personal or undue advantages to initiate business or to influence business decisions is prohibited. The acceptance of gifts and other benefits is only permitted as long as it is usual business practice, ethically acceptable and complies with the relevant applicable law.

Potential conflicts of interests shall be disclosed to KNAPP immediately.

6. Preventing money laundering and combating terrorist financing
The Business Partner shall comply with the corresponding laws and regulations on preventing money laundering and combating terrorist financing. It is assumed that appropriate mechanisms have been implemented for reports and financial records to conform to legal requirements.

7. Data protection and IT security
When processing personal data, the data protection principles and requirements of the GDPR as well as the relevant applicable data protection laws must be complied with. The Business Partner shall implement suitable processes to be able to comply with the legal obligations. Suitable technical and organizational measures shall be taken when processing all data to ensure their security and confidentiality.

8. Working conditions and formation of interest groups
The right of all employees to constitute employee representation and their right to appropriate remuneration shall be observed and respected, while complying with the relevant applicable legal provisions. The Business Partner shall observe the legally permitted maximum working hours as well as the mandatory industry standards regarding regular working hours, overtime including breaks, rest periods, public holiday regulations as well as leave.

9. Health and safety
The Business Partner shall comply at least with the legal minimum requirements of the applicable occupational health and safety regulations and shall take appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of accidents or health damage at the workplace.

10.Environmental protection and sustainability
The requirements of the applicable environmental laws and standards on sustainability shall be implemented. KNAPP encourages the Business Partners to do their part in accomplishing the climate protection goals within their sphere of influence. KNAPP shall be provided with relevant data on environmental protection and sustainability upon request. Furthermore, Business Partners are expected to support KNAPP’s sustainability goals where possible.