Ocado.com – The online supermarket with the largest OSR Shuttle™ system worldwide

The online food retailer Ocado has relied on the OSR Shuttle™ core technology for the storage and automated supply of foods to the goods-to-person picking stations since the end of 2012 and, in the meantime, has added a second location. Because of strong growth and new partnerships, Ocado commissioned KNAPP to expand the existing picking system in mid 2013. The system was expanded within a year from 18 to 30 rack lines and the hand-over to the customer was on schedule.

In terms of shuttles, Ocado now operates the largest shuttle warehouse worldwide, with a total of 870 shuttles. The solution with the OSR Shuttle™ system and space-saving work stations connected by conveyors ensures a consistently high throughput. When operating at peak workload, over 30,000 customer orders with more than two million items picked leave the distribution centre every day.