Zero defect service

"The future will not be determined by objects in space,
but by processes in time.
Richard Kriesche, Austrian art and media theorist

The age of content
The internet of things, social networks and learning contents permanently influence our lives today. Through mobile end devices we have not only every bit of information available at all times, but can also tailor this type of information to our particular needs. Arising from out of this new definition of our contact with content and the further development of man-machine communication are new working environments and a new workforce generation. Innovations in the area man-machine communication make the person’s daily work easier and generate enormous amounts of data. Valuable information is arising from this data for the continuous optimization of processes, which can be made available as support to the person.

Zero defect
People at work make mistakes. Wherever the human factor plays a role, optimizing error costs is and remains a central topic. With the zero defect philosophy and the zero defect warehouse KNAPP has already set things in motion for a new era in intralogistics.
Zero defect means preventing errors before they occur and thereby lowering costs. Processes are constantly optimized based on the data collected to increase the quality and efficiency for the long run and to create a new work environment: the self-learning organisation.
With the experience and stability of an internationally successful Group behind them, KNAPP’s vision for zero defect service is now offered in the form of production-ready products to other industries outside of the intralogistics sector. Along with technology, KNAPP has a Service & Support arm that includes about 400 employees, who use their experience and expertise to secure the productivity and investment security for the customer over the long run.

Selected application areas:

  • Intralogistics
  • Automotive
  • Production industry
  • Power industry
  • Telecommunication
  • Health care

In tune with the times
Innovation is a tradition at KNAPP: in the more than 60 years of company history, again and again KNAPP has revolutionized the market with innovations. The passion for the business of their customers, as well as the ability to recognize the trends and demands of the market, are part of the recipe for success of the KNAPP Group. Furthermore, KNAPP works with international trend researchers to stay optimally informed about technologies that support industry.
Long-term successful development and innovation require economic stability – every year KNAPP invests about 7 percent of the turnover in research and development, for example, for innovations in zero defect service.

Tight network of system partners
With a tight network of international system partners, technological consultants and KNAPP subsidiaries worldwide, KNAPP supports its customers with competence, securing the competitive edge for them.

Wearable services by KNAPP
Wearable services by KNAPP include a portfolio of mobile applications suitable for industry and indoors to make the vision of zero defect service a reality. KNAPP builds on existing and proven know-how from the Internet of Things and Big Data Management to secure maximal value creation.

Advantages of wearable services by KNAPP:

  • 24/7 1st-Level Hotline support and interpretation services (by request)
  • Secure communication
  • ROI demonstrated after a few months
  • Knowledge base remains in own company 
  • All round protection package; including investment protection

KiSoft WebEye – The 7th sense in service
KiSoft WebEye is a service application suited for industrial use that works with augmented reality.

Technical data  
Operating system Windows 8.x Embedded
Display Ready for augmented reality
Rechargeable battery 2400 mAh capacity
  8-10 hours battery capacity
Mobile computer unit CPU Intel® Celeron® Processor N2930
  2M Cache, up to 2.16 GHz

KNAPP KiSoft WebEye as turnkey solution with Intel Inside

Applikatio report - The 7th sense in service

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