Pallet handling in production

Pallet handling systems are used in production to transport raw material or semi-finished products on pallets, containers or in racks between production areas or machines. The process often requires buffering on conveyors or in an automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) between the production steps.

The position of storage or a warehouse in the flow of materials is fundamentally important. Storage for raw materials or semi-finished products should be adapted to the appropriate intake quantities, lead times, reserve stocks and product range, as well as production's actual material supply needs.

Other factors are also important for intermediate storage. It must be adapted to a production-led flow of materials, often on internal load carriers. There are a number of options for locating intermediate storage in relation to the materials handling system:

  • Collection in an area next to production.
  • Collection in an area in production
  • Decentralized storage in production, adjacent to various production sections

Finished goods storage is designed to receive delivery-ready products in customized packaging. The storage can be located close to production or in a separate warehouse.

KNAPP provides handling equipment for storage systems and warehouses for all types of industries. Automatic cranes are designed for loads between 50 and 7,000 kg, offering high capacity and performance. The cranes may be installed in different environments from -30 to + 60°C.

KNAPP supplies complex pallet handling systems to storage systems and warehouses for goods-in, pallet picking, consolidation and dispatch systems. The conveyor systems are composed of standard units from our Maximove program, and include roller and chain conveyors, vertical conveyors, transfer units, turn tables, transfer cars, and pallet magazines etc.

The systems are managed and monitored by the KiSoft Warehouse Management System and controlled by PLC systems.