Blister Packing Machine for Packing Patient Blister Cards

When faced with current developments, such as the shortage of healthcare workers and worldwide demographic change, carers and pharmacists now have a powerful ally: automated blister packing machines for creating patient-specific blister cards. They’re an efficient way of ensuring safe medication management for each and every patient while creating additional benefits for them along the way.

Fully automatic blister packing machines mean more efficiency and a higher quality of life

The shortage of healthcare workers is affecting the entire world. This, in combination with demographic changes in the world’s population, is placing unprecedented demands on the healthcare sector. However, patient-specific blister packing has risen to the challenge of ensuring that patient medication management remains safe and reliable. Prescription medicines are packed individually by day of the week and time of administration.

Pre-filled medication packs positively influence the effectiveness of prescribed treatment, thereby improving quality of life. The easy-to-take medicine in blister packs, along with reminders, increase medication adherence by up to 50 percent within a year. These changes also make a big difference for the environment.


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25 %

of the population regularly take 3 to 4 tablets per day

77 %

of all prescriptions are maintenance medications

50 %

increase in adherence thanks to easy-to-take medicine in blister packs

Looking for a fully automatic solution for patient-specific blister packaging?

Allow us to introduce the D³ Daily Dose Dispenser

Out of the blister, into the blister: The fully automatic D3 Daily Dose Dispenser

Overview of the D3 Daily Dose Dispenser blister packing machine
Daily Dose Dispenser as a system for patient-specific blister packaging

The D³ Daily Dose Dispenser blister packing machine provides support for the medication picking and repackaging processes, making life easier for producers of patient-specific blister packs. The process is fully automatic. Tablets are picked directly from the original blister pack into the new patient blister card and the card is then sealed and printed. The entire process supports pharmacy and healthcare workers, helping mitigate the effects of the labor shortage.

Advantages of automated blistering

The D3 blister packing machine offers plenty of advantages for manufacturers, patients and pharmacies alike:

Autonomous and convenient medication dispensing
Documentation of lot and serial numbers
Patient access to their own information
Increased medication quality thanks to zero-defect strategy
Profitability at top quality
Less stress for pharmacists, carers and other healthcare personnel
A hand is holding the blister card produced by the Daily Dose Dispenser. The blister card is open and displaying medication information.
The blister card produced by the Daily Dose Dispenser consists of individual cups that are ready to take medicine from and include patient-specific instructions on how to take the medicine.

How the D3 Daily Dose Dispenser packs patient blister cards

Current solutions require multiple manual steps to pick tablets into patient-specific blister packs. With the Daily Dose Dispenser, only one manual step is left. The blister packing machine takes care of everything else fully automatically. We explain step for step how tablets are transferred from their original blister packs to the patient blister cards.

Deblistering, picking and sealing medicine
  • Original blister packs are stabilized for the automatic process
  • Contents are uniquely identified
  • Any desired additional data, e.g. lot, process parameters and current quantity, is saved


  • No previous deblistering necessary
  • No clean room conditions required
  • No premature expiration of the medicine
An original blister pack has been placed in an original blister tray.
  • Tablets are stored in original blister packs until they are used
  • Special blister trays can be filled with halved tablets
  • Tablets are traceable back to their serial number
  • 7,000 trays / medication types with 30 tablets each can be stored in 10 m2 (107 ft2)
  • Up to 820 load carriers per blister production module


  • 100 % lot tracking
  • 100 % traceability of serial numbers
  • Theoretically unlimited amount of buffer space in passive storage
Original blister trays are stored automatically.
  • The right punch is automatically selected
  • Precise, reliable dispensing thanks to deblister punch


  • 100 % quality control for every dispensed pill
  • 100 % quality control of final blister card
  • No cross-contamination
The deblister punch pushes tablets out of their original blister pack.
  • Seal and cover sheets attached


  • Customer-specific printing
  • Administration instructions and additional information
  • Easy to check which medicine has been taken
A blister card is being sealed and printed with administration instructions.

D3 blister packing machine: Key facts

120 weekly blister cards per hour
for 4,500 patients per shift
2 employees
for 4,500 patients per shift
5,000+ types of medication
can be stored in the buffer

Your value chain tech partner for one-stop healthcare solutions

At KNAPP, we’ve been a partner of the healthcare industry for over 70 years. Our D3 system has a clear mission: We want to create maximum benefits for patients and their families while ensuring that blister centers and pharmacies are operating at top efficiency. D3 Daily Dose Dispenser is not just a blister packing machine, but an all-in-one solution encompassing software, service and continuous support.

KNAPP is your partner for patient-specific blister packaging.

Do you have any questions about the D3 Daily Dose Dispenser blister packing machine?

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