Ergonomic work stations and paperless picking

Order fulfillment – or picking – is one of the most critical processes in a distribution center. Several manual picking systems are available, catering to different turnover rates and article properties. Order processing at the goods-to-person work stations in the Pick-it-Easy range are particularly ergonomic and efficient. The modern picking stations ensure optimum processes during picking. The Pick-it-Easy work stations create a modern work environment and increase performance, quality, and employee satisfaction. For error-free and efficient order processing in manual work zones, we also offer modern technology for paperless picking such as RF picking, Voice Picking, or Pick-to-Light.

Goods-to-Person for ergonomics, performance, and joy: Pick-it-Easy

We designed the Pick-it-Easy work station to provide the best possible work environment and manual processes in an industrial setting. Therefore, our Pick-it-Easy series stands for: Efficient, error-free manual order processing and optimal ergonomics. Here, the human being stands at the center of the automation, provided with the most modern technologies available, allowing the best possible adaptation to different processes and industries. Various tasks can be handled at the work stations, including order picking, returns processing, inventory, repacking, consolidating goods or value-added services. Different variants of the Pick-it-Easy work station are available depending on the warehouse area, application or range of goods.

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Three great reasons to opt for Pick-it-Easy

Work smarter, not harder. This is how it’s done in logistics today. All the procedures carried out at the Pick-it-Easy work stations are optimized in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and error reduction.

Made for people
• Ergonomic work sequences
• Short training times
• Intuitive operation with easyUse
• Attractive work environment
Quality and performance
• Software-guided workflows
• Higher performance thanks to the goods-to-person principle
• 100 % check using weight checks, image processing and light curtains
Intelligent modules
• Configurable modules
• Adaptable to individual requirements and workflows
• Ideally suited for a wide range of articles
• Space-saving design

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Watch this video for an overview of the ergonomic and efficient processes carried out at our Pick-it-Easy work stations.

Optimized ergonomics and efficient processes: Würth relies on Pick-it-Easy

The Würth Group relies on our technologies at their various distribution locations worldwide. This includes the Pick-it-Easy series work stations. At Würth Industrie Services distribution center in Böheimkirchen, Austria, six of the latest generation of work stations are making work easier – the Pick-it-Easy Evo. The Pick-it-Easy Evo work station is an all-in-one work station. The design is particularly space-effective, providing optimal quality assurance and efficient order processing on top of ideal ergonomics and usability. The work station supports and motivates employees as they work, allowing them to experience a whole new way of working.


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Thanks to the new goods-to-person system, we can greatly reduce the time spent walking. This leads to a significant improvement in productivity and at the same time takes the load off our employees.

Portrait von Stefan Gugerell, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung und Prokurist bei Würth Handelsges.m.b.H.
Stefan Gugerell
Procurator and member of the management team responsible for logistics and internal operations at Würth Handelsges.m.b.H.

Ergonomic work station for production and distribution

Employee at Parfums Christian Dior uses the ergonomic goods-to-person work station for e-com order fulfillment. The woman picks the article from a carton and transfers it to a dispatch carton. The goods and cartons are always presented to warehouse workers at a convenient height.

Pick-it-Easy + people

A people pleaser. The Pick-it-Easy work station series creates a health-conducive and comfortable work environment that is motivating for employees to work in.

Employee at the Pick-it-Easy work station operating an easyUse user interface on a touch screen. The easyUse interfaces increase usability and the user experience in the warehouse for warehouse workers

Pick-it-Easy + easyUse

Easier done than said. User friendliness takes top priority at a Pick-it-Easy work station. The user interfaces are designed according to the easyUse principle and guide the employee step by step through their task.

Image from behind of an employee carrying out picking at an ergonomic goods-to-person work station which is equipped with an easyUse interface for intuitive work station design. The woman takes a package of small electronic materials out of a grey storage container. The easyUse user interface shows which articles she needs to remove and where these should be placed. This supports efficient picking processes.

Pick-it-Easy + automation technology

A dream team. The goods-to-person work stations are the interface between the person and the warehouse technology. The work stations are easily combined with technologies such as shuttle systems, fully automatic robotic picking cells, pocket sorter systems or autonomous mobile robots to create highly efficient solutions.

The perfect addition for economical solutions: Paperless picking

Automation doesn’t always make sense or isn’t feasible for every article. For example, storing fast-moving articles in a storage system is more effort than it’s worth. And bulky items often can’t be stored at all.  We offer a range of paperless picking technology for providing the best possible support to employees in manual warehouse areas.

By using various digital devices to support manual processes it is possible to quickly and accurately fulfill orders. Productivity is considerably higher than with paper lists. These also ensure a seamless flow of data: The stock levels for an article or the status of an order can be checked at any time.


  • Efficient, error-free manual processes
  • Increased picking performance
  • Shorter training phase for new employees
  • Flexible warehouse design
  • Fast amortization of investment costs
  • Easy-to-understand instructions for all
  • Simple linking of various manual systems

The perfect system for every requirement

The manual systems are used for a wide range of requirements. The following types of manual system can be considered when planning warehouse areas:

KiSoft Pick_to_Light

KiSoft Pick-to-Light

A woman with KiSoft Pick-it-Smart glasses. Pick-it-Smart is a wearable device. The paperless picking technology helps when picking orders. The woman receives important information about the order, such as the storage location, directly on the glass of the KiSoft Pick-it-Smart picking glasses.

KiSoft Pick-it-Smart

Employee with headset for Voice Picking for paperless picking of an order.

Voice Picking

Employee looks at a radio terminal on his arm for KiSoft WCS KLASS-X RF. The KiSoft WCS KLASS-X RF terminal helps with paperless order picking and shows the warehouse worker where to find each article.


Small but highly effective

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