New dimensions

Flexibility. Availability. Scalability. Efficiency. Quality Assurance. Ergonomics. Our mission: Supply the right technologies and solutions to meet these demands. Maximum flexibility and investment security are the central challenges in the new era of production logistics. The system of Logistics 4.0 is fully networked and offers a secure and stable platform in a dynamic market environment. At the same time, this system must have sufficient flexibility and capacity to keep up with all current demands. Besides this, attention must be paid to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, ergonomics and quality. With new approaches and a mix of innovative and proven technologies, KNAPP is opening up new opportunities for manufacturing industries. KNAPP Industry Solutions is a specialist in intelligent solutions for production logistics. Here we present a selection of the hottest solutions around to cater to current demands in production logistics. Are you interested? Contact your KNAPP representative or These companies have already upped the momentum in their production processes with KNAPP.

Christian Brauneis

Christian Brauneis

Director Industry Solutions

Maximum integration in smart production

The requirements for the logistics and production solutions of the future are becoming ever more complex. Along with profitability and flexibility, precision, process reliability and quality assurance pose weighty challenges. At centre stage, naturally, is the person. Simple, intuitive interactions are made possible all thanks to smart communication between man and machine. Manual and automated processes are harmonized, ensuring error-free handling in a warehouse or production facility.   Only a fully integrated, all-in-one solution can achieve optimal performance and reach its true economic potential. Summarized under the term smart production, KNAPP offers precisely this type of intelligent all-in-one solutions for production from a single source. Depending on the requirements, various building blocks fall into line to form a smart warehouse: Storage system: A storage system that is flexible in terms of function as well as size can handle various functions, such as space-effective and secure storage, temporary storage of goods, semi-finished products or raw materials. The storage system is the heart of the solution and supplies all the work areas right on time. Either the high-performance OSR Shuttle™ or the innovative OSR Shuttle™ Evo can be used as a storage system Conveyor systems: Conveyor systems connect various warehouse areas and process steps with each other efficiently. High-performance conveying systems such as Streamline or Powerline reliably convey containers, trays, cartons or pallets to their target destination. The free-moving Open Shuttles are a dynamic complement to classic conveyors and distribute the workload using their swarm intelligence. Work stations: Work stations in production and assembly areas are supplied according to the goods-to-person principle. The efficient networking of man and machine is the focus of the work station design. KNAPP’s Pick-it-Easy work stations combine efficiency, ergonomics and usability. The modern easyUse user interfaces ensure intuitive, accurate operation. Zero defect production: Zero defect production makes the zero-error strategy a reality. The production and assembly work stations are equipped with innovative image recognition and image processing systems and record every single component that is installed during the production process. Thanks to a real-time feedback system, the employee receives an immediate evaluation of the quality of the step taken. This ensures error-free assembly and end-to-end traceability. Software: Software is the brain behind every solution. With its software product lines KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP, KNAPP offers customized solutions that meet all the demands of production logistics. KNAPP remains true to its slogan, making complexity simple, with its all-in-one software solutions, designing complex processes for transparency and manageability. Robotics: Customized automation, where it makes sense, is one of KNAPP’s basic philosophies. Automatic solutions such as the Pick-it-Easy Robot are suited to applications where a high throughput is required over a longer period of time, where high quality is also essential and where the human resource reaches its limits. In combination with the shuttle systems, smart interaction between machines is established, which increases efficiency, quality and profitability. Service and maintenance: KNAPP customers rely on smart service for the life cycle of the system. With System Support 360°+, KNAPP offers a comprehensive service portfolio. Proactive maintenance, condition monitoring or innovative service support systems ensure lasting peak performance.

Flexible shuttle solutions

Full performance, full flexibility or full dependability? Everything, of course! KNAPP has the right shuttle solution to meet each and every demand, which, when coupled with customized software and ergonomic work stations, is a winning combination. KNAPP’s flexible Smart Shuttles adapt to every demand. This enables KNAPP to accompany its customers on the exciting path into the future. The solutions are dynamic, flexible, efficient and economic, providing a decisive competitive advantage.  

Open Shuttle –  green light for innovation

Modern DCs and manufacturers have high demands for speed, flexibility and quality in their processes. In addition to this, the trend for single items has also made its mark in production. As trends go, this one is detrimental both in terms of cost and performance. Using smart processes and technologies, our mission is to increase efficiency in every process step and lower the costs per item at the same time – all while guaranteeing optimum quality. The keys to increased quality and efficiency with optimised costs are space-saving storage systems combined with flexible transport systems that cover a complex transport network. KNAPP’s innovative, free-moving Open Shuttles offer just the right concept to achieve this, bridging the gaps between flexibility, complexity and efficiency left by traditional conveyor systems reaching their limits. The Open Shuttles are able to move around without any restrictions whatsoever – free movement which opens up entirely new logistical concepts. Transporting, supplying, storing or picking – the Open Shuttles support a wide variety of processes. Separate warehouse areas can be flexibly connected using Open Shuttles. This brings with it new opportunities for re-thinking processes, to design them and to rearrange them at any time – as it suits the moment. The Open Shuttles combine innovative navigation with sophisticated sensor technology. Thanks to their pioneering navigation technology, the Open Shuttles do not need track rails, inductive loops or set paths, and instead move around freely on the floor space together with people and other vehicles. This also means no building work is required to integrate the Open Shuttles into any existing warehouse area – even the number of shuttles can be scaled flexibly. The Open Shuttles always adapt to the current workload thanks to their individual and swarm intelligence. During off-peak periods, any Open Shuttles not required remain in their charging stations; at peak times, however, the entire fleet is deployed so that all the orders are processed efficiently. The Open Shuttles communicate with their human colleagues using a speech module. They therefore establish a completely new, modern working environment in which man and machine work hand in hand.

OSR Shuttle™: Versatile and powerful

The OSR Shuttle™ is a secure, high-performance semi-automatic storage and picking system. Thanks to its versatility, it can handle numerous important tasks in manufacturing. KNAPP is a trailblazer in the field of shuttle technology and offers state-of-the-art technology with the OSR Shuttle™. Building on more than 15 years’ experience and expertise in the world of shuttles, KNAPP has worked hard to keep its shuttle technology up-to-date, by further developing the technology to suit current trends.

The OSR Shuttle™ is scalable in size, function and performance. The system is modular in design and includes basic components that are flexibly adapted to meet requirements.

  • Racks: The racks have high storage capacity and are scalable as well as expandable. Multi-deep storage of containers, trays, cartons or pallets is an option to achieve optimal use of space.
  • Shuttles: The shuttles move independently of each other on the different rack levels. This ensures maximum performance and maximum reliability together with minimum energy consumption.
  • Lifts: Independent, quiet lifts ensure that lift capacity is ideally utilized. A buffer between lift and shuttle guarantees optimal material flow.
  • Pre-zone: Conveyor systems link the OSR Shuttle™ with other areas of the warehouse, such as the Pick-it-Easy work stations.
  • Work stations: The OSR Shuttle™ supplies the work stations of the Pick-it-Easy series according to the goods-to-person principle. The work stations support an error-free, ergonomic way of working using optimized procedures.
  • Control system: Software is an important element in the all-in-one solution, and optimizes, controls and monitors all processes. KiSoft SRC, from the KiSoft series, handles the control of the OSR Shuttle™, but the system can also be integrated in other software landscapes, such as SAP® EWM by KNAPP.

OSR ShuttleTM Evo: The new simplicity

The OSR Shuttle™ Evo combines the advantages of all previous KNAPP shuttle systems. What makes the new generation stand out is how flexible it is with regard to system and process design. Versatile all-rounder: The OSR Shuttle™ Evo provides space for a wide range of articles and offers diverse storage possibilities. Containers, trays and cartons with different outer dimensions and heights can be stored in the OSR ShuttleTM Evo in a way that saves on both cost and space. As a result, the OSR Shuttle™ Evo can effortlessly link critical processes. The special design allows materials and production parts to be brought out of the racks in a precise sequence. It also supplies work stations and production areas with material just-in-time. Every work station has access to every article in the system. What’s more, the OSR ShuttleTM Evo stores stock and overstock in a way that saves on both cost and space. When necessary, the shuttles leave the aisles and retrieve goods from overstock.  

Advantages at a glance

  • Scalable investment: The system grows with changing requirements and business models
  • Optimal use of space: Thanks to a flexible rack system and a streamlined system design
  • On-demand performance: Scalable number of shuttles and lifts; applications with shuttles that move lengthwise and crosswise
  • Flexible access: To all articles in the system from any work station
  • Complete integration: In the KNAPP system world

Efficiency across the board

Can you combine profitability, performance and sustainability? The KNAPP group’s goal is to re-think efficiency and to create customized solutions. Efficiency and sustainability are not just limited to the idea of “saving energy”. Efficiency, as KNAPP defines it, has several building blocks.

  • Energy and costs: Central technologies, such as the shuttles, have energy recuperation modules that feed brake energy back into the system. Intelligent energy management and maximum performance with minimum energy expenditure and costs is possible thanks to customized control software. Intelligent storage and retrieval strategies combined with intelligent route management make optimal use of shuttle travel. The Open Shuttles have high capacity rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors.
  • Ergonomics & usability: In the design of the goods-to-person work stations, KNAPP relies on its design concept, KiDesign, which ensures ergonomic movement and maximum performance with minimum exertion. The intuitively operated easyUse user interfaces offer optimal usability where staff are guided step-by-step through order processing efficiently and accurately. KNAPP therefore creates intelligent interfaces between man and machine, shaping the high-tech working environment in logistics.
  • Zero-error strategy: Quality and performance are not a contradiction. With its zero-defect philosophy, KNAPP combines maximum performance with optimal quality and complete efficiency. The idea at the core of the zero-defect philosophy is to prevent errors before they occur. Optimal processes ensure maximal performance and efficiency, and error checks within processes guarantee high quality.
  • Performance and availability: Custom-tailored software – KiSoft or SAP® EWM by KNAPP implement energy-efficient and intelligent storage strategies.
  • Scalability: Whether facing increasing order numbers, a growing article range, seasonal peaks or new business areas, KNAPP’s solutions dynamically adapt in size, function and performance to changing demands.