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Metal technology, mechatronics, application development, information technology, industrial office administration, metal engineering/treatment.

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If so, you’ll be right at home at KNAPP! Educating apprentices is very important to us and we have around 120 apprentices at any given time at our locations in Hart bei Graz and Leoben. We’re here to help you make the most of your skills and talents!

An apprentice with a tool in his hand smiles into the camera with commitment.
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An apprentice is working with metal at a machine in the apprentice workshop.

Metal technician

If you’re interested in working with a wide variety of different metals and becoming an expert in the mechanical construction of our logistics systems, then this apprenticeship is right for you.

An apprentice welds a piece.

Metal engineer

If you enjoy working with your hands and with machines, you’ll enjoy producing and mounting single pieces, components and assemblies made of metal as a metal engineering/treatment apprentice.

Ein Applikationsentwicklungs-Lehrling arbeitet am Laptop und lächelt in die Kamera.

Application developer

If you’re passionate about creating software applications for computers and IT systems, industry-specific software and browser applications, then this apprenticeship is your perfect fit.

Ein Lehrling arbeitet stehend an einem Laptop und lächelt dabei in die Kamera.

Information technologist

If you love all things IT – from infrastructures to devices – then an apprenticeship in IT services is right for you.

Lehrberuf Industriekauffrau:mann

Industrial clerk

Are you a solid allrounder? As an apprentice in industrial office administration, you’ll be active in plenty of different areas at our company, from Customer Service to Management, Accounting, Marketing, Production Scheduling, Payroll Accounting and Sales.

A mechatronic apprentice stands at a switch cabinet and smiles at the camera.

Mechatronics technician

As a mechatronics apprentice, your world will revolve around mechanical, electrical and electronic machines and system parts, which you then put together to form a mechatronic system.

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Christian Becskei, Apprentice Supervisor at KNAPP Leoben smiles at the camera

An important aspect is allowing young people in training to make mistakes so that they can learn from them. Our apprentices also have the opportunity to complete assignments abroad and take courses outside of the company, taking the learning experience one step further.

– Christian Becskei, Apprentice Supervisor at KNAPP in Leoben

Christoph Haidic, Head of KNAPP Apprentice Training in Hart bei Graz, smiles at the camera

We place a great deal of importance on diligence and ambition. Anyone who shows the necessary commitment will go far with an apprenticeship from KNAPP. This is why we encourage apprenticeships in combination with the Matura higher education entrance qualification: to give our apprentices as many opportunities as possible once their training is complete. Apprentice training has to be attractive and varied. I am pleased that we will be adding to our current programs in the next years, giving even more young people the chance to take on an apprenticeship here at KNAPP.

– Christoph Haidic, Head of KNAPP Apprentice Training in Hart bei Graz

What we offer

Fair team play
and a positive working environment
Combine apprenticeship
with Austrian Matura
with education centers
Exciting variety
of different projects
Sports classes
and participation in sporting events
Further training
within the company
Practical experience
Opportunities to exchange knowledge
with other companies
Location easy to reach by train or bus
Parking spaces for mopeds and cars
An apprentice and trainer hold a measuring device and a cable and smile at the camera.

Get a taste of KNAPP

Interested in one of our apprenticeships? Come check us out and find out if an apprenticeship at KNAPP is right for you. All you have to do is apply for 3 to 5 work experience days.

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What happens next:
We’ll let you know once we have found a date for your work experience days.

Current internships

There are currently no internship vacancies.

Lehrlinge bei KNAPP

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Your application must include the following:

  • Personal statement that includes your desired apprenticeship
  • End-of-year school reports from the last three years
  • Your parents’ contact information
Please only use our online application portal for your application.
We want to know: What makes you unique? What fascinates you about technology? Use your application to tell us.
What happens next:
We’ll contact you as quickly as possible to organize a taster week with us in the apprenticeship workshop. At the end of the taster week, you’ll take an acceptance test and have an interview, together with your parents. If all goes well, you’ll start your apprenticeship at KNAPP in September.

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