Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) for Warehouse Automation

Over the years, many different names have been coined for flexible transport systems on the market, from automated guided vehicle (AGV), autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to autonomous intelligent vehicle (AIV). Our Open Shuttles are autonomous and intelligent transport robots that help bring flexibility to the design of logistical processes. Find out more about our flexible solution for internal transport.

Intelligent AMR robots for flexible warehouse logistics

Are you looking to use automation to interconnect different areas of your warehouse and production? Do you need your goods to arrive at the right location in the right quantity and at the right time – while reserving the ability to make changes flexibly as needed?

Our autonomous mobile robots, or automated guided vehicles, make all this possible – automatically, with ease and efficiency. Infused with intelligent software, our Open Shuttles reliably carry out transport orders autonomously, navigating warehouse space freely while identifying and avoiding obstacles. This means they can be integrated in existing warehouse environments – no extra infrastructure needed. Our AMR robots offer maximum flexibility while increasing productivity and freeing up human resources for value-generating tasks. Our Open Shuttles AMRs are the smart, flexible way to automate your warehouse-internal material flow.

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AMR robots are the perfect solution for logistical challenges

Change is omnipresent in industry, whether due to ever-changing environmental and market situations, cost pressure or shortages in resources or qualified workers. To compensate for this, a quick, flexible solution to lower costs and boost efficiency is needed. With our Open Shuttles autonomous mobile robots, you can immediately tackle today’s challenges with ease. And if you want to make sure the system works in your environment, simply test the processes and layout beforehand to make implementation times even shorter.

Rapidly changing processes and fluctuations in material flow
Lack of space
Integration in existing systems
Different load carriers

Types of autonomous mobile robots

Thanks to their incredible flexibility and versatility, our autonomous mobile robots can be used in many areas of application. We offer different models to ensure that your requirements are covered:

Open Shuttle, an autonomous mobile robot for transporting two load carriers at the same time.

Open Shuttle
AMR for container transport

for transporting containers, cartons and trays

Payload of up to 120 kg (265 lb)

Open Shuttle, an automated guided vehicle for transporting pallets.

Open Shuttle Fork
AMR for pallet transport

for transporting pallets and special load carriers

Payload of up to 1,300 kg (2,866 lb)

AMRs for the electronics sector with roller conveyor LHDs

Open Shuttle
AMR for the electronics sector

For transporting printed circuit board magazines as well as containers, cartons and trays
Payload of up to 50 kg (110 lb)

Advantages of our autonomous mobile robots

Smart path planning and intelligent management of orders and transport resources
Simple simulation and control of the layout, processes and fleet
An adaptive transport solution to connect all locations in the warehouse without the need to make new changes to the system

Various applications of autonomous mobile robots

Our Open Shuttle AMRs are a solid alternative to stationary container and pallet conveyors. With our robots, you can link all areas of your warehouse flexibly and easily while performing various tasks:

  • Performing internal transport with mixed fleets in one system
  • Supplying work stations and production lines just in time
  • Connecting to production machines
  • Supporting the picking process
  • Performing special and express transport tasks
  • Connecting to packing and repacking stations
  • Connecting storage systems and augmenting existing conveyer systems
  • Supplying kanban racks, flow racks and pallet racks

What’s more, our Open Shuttles perfectly integrate into existing systems or act as a direct link to automated storage systems, such as our OSR Shuttle Evo or InduStore.

Different models of our autonomous mobile robots
Our automated guided vehicles can be deployed in various settings

Scale your Open Shuttle fleet to meet your needs

You decide what your Open Shuttle fleet should look like. Whether you have two shuttles or over 100, the size of the fleet can be adapted to your current situation and changed at any time. Our range of AMR models with different load-handling devices can also be combined to form a versatile fleet.

Our intelligent fleet software makes it possible to efficiently visualize and control all transport resources. This also allows our robots to function in combination with other warehouse vehicles, such as AMRs and forklift trucks from other manufacturers.

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Add-ons to complete your Open Shuttle AMR solution

Our autonomous mobile robots can be flexibly tailored to your needs using our innovative add-ons.

The Open Shuttle has an integrated lifting system.

Integrated lifter

Our Open Shuttles can be equipped with a lifter to retrieve and deliver loads at different heights – from 550–1,500 millimeters (21.65 in–59.06 in) or from 0–1,200 millimeters (0–47.24 in) – and transfer them to different conveyors. This provides more flexibility when designing processes.

AGVs with integrated width adjustment for the electronics sector

Integrated width adjustment

The load-handling device (LHD) can also be equipped with width adjustment, allowing the Open Shuttle to automatically adapt its LHD to the width of the load carrier. With the integrated lifter and width adjustment, the Open Shuttle flexibly adapts to both the height and the width of its load.

Open Shuttle featuring signal lights and sensors

Indicator lights and sensors

Additional indicator lights and sensors increase the Open Shuttle’s visibility in warehouse areas with frequent traffic. To meet your requirements, our AMRs can be equipped as needed.

AMR robot integration made easy

At KNAPP, we know that every second is valuable and what system downtime means for your business. For this reason, our robots are quick and easy to implement. Installation only takes six simple steps and can be carried out while your warehouse is in operation.

How to install the Open Shuttle AMR robots in 6 easy steps >

  • 1. Install the server
  • 2. Switch on the Open Shuttle and connect
  • 3. Define the layout
  • 4. Define the processes
  • 5. Activate the system and other shuttles
  • 6. Observe and adjust where necessary

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How to get your flexible autonomous mobile robot

Our Open Shuttles can be acquired in a number of different ways. You have the following options depending on your needs and requirements:

Does demand fluctuate in your business? Take advantage of our rental model and call in our Open Shuttles to help you handle seasonal peak periods. Your new backup robots are easily integrated into your fleet within minutes and are ready for operation right away.
You don’t need to customize the Open Shuttles and can start them up on your own after receiving some training? Then we recommend purchasing our product, short delivery times ensured.
Are you looking to automate more and have it all tailored to fit your needs? If you’re looking for a complete solution for your entire value chain, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts are happy to assist!
You aren’t sure if an autonomous mobile robot is the right solution for your warehouse? We can set up a demonstration, right in your warehouse. We’re happy to make you an offer!

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