Hello and welcome to our website! We’d like to give you an insight into our corporate culture and show you who we are, what’s important to us and what motivates us. Discover more about our work, diverse career paths and the opportunities we have on offer at Inside KNAPP.

We tread new paths

We are innovators. Lateral-thinkers. Doers. We are open to new challenges and take them on knowing that we will overcome them as a team. Our clear company vision is what guides us on our path just like a compass. What spurs us on is our innovative strength that runs through all the divisions of the company, as we know that developing a visionary outlook requires many different perspectives. Our outlook of logistics.

We love what we do

We are KNAPP – but what do we actually mean by this? We are a team of almost 4,500 people who live and work in 7 different time zones and speak 55 different languages. We all have diverse backgrounds, qualifications and points of view – and that’s a good thing. We value our differences just as much as the things we have in common, as we know that they are also what make us strong. What unites us is our passion and our courage to shape the future of logistics and to create one-of-a-kind solutions for our customers.


We give ideas room to grow

What do we need to turn our visions into a reality? Room for creativity. That’s why it’s so important that we give each other enough room for ideas to grow. Only then can they become fully-fledged pioneering solutions. The foundation needed to do so is trust; we trust each other, we have faith in ourselves and we are willing to take on responsibility and complete tasks reliably. This is how we always manage to surpass ourselves and set new standards in the logistics industry.

All this and much more is what makes us who we are.

Here, some of our employees tell us what our KNAPP spirit represents for them.

Patrick Schober

Patrick Schober

Teamleader Digital Platform | Software Development

At KNAPP since 2004

I’ve been working at KNAPP for 14 years now. Despite being here for so long, every day still brings with it new challenges. You are constantly challenged but have enough leeway to bring your own personal experience to the table. And this is just one of the positive aspects of my job.

Another advantage of working for KNAPP is without a doubt the great working atmosphere and camaraderie among employees. In a nutshell, we support one another. This strong sense of community combined with the commitment of each and every individual enables us to overcome even the most difficult of challenges. “Not possible” is nowhere to be heard here. Something that is testament to the fantastic team spirit.

Sabiene Kammerhofer

Sabine Kammerhofer

Procurement Manager UK | Subsidiary Management Global Supply Chain & Facility Management

At KNAPP since 2007

If you’re motivated and want to make a difference, KNAPP gives you the opportunity to show what you’re capable of. I was given the chance to put my professional and personal skills to good use and to play an active role in shaping the company. I thoroughly enjoy doing so and it spurs me on to continue to develop myself. What I like most of all about working at KNAPP is the strong sense of solidarity. Over recent years, we have grown considerably internationally and yet we are still one big KNAPP family. I believe that this is what truly makes us stand out from the rest.


Alessandro Friedl

Alessandro Freidl

Head of Warehouse Operation Support | International Customer Service

At KNAPP since 2002

My work is much more than just a job for me. I wake up each day and look forward to coming into the office as every day at KNAPP is different, challenging and never boring. This is what drives me to solve complex tasks and to develop innovative products day in and day out. For me, having direct contact to customers is particularly interesting. I have been lucky enough to work for KNAPP on all of the world’s continents (with the exception of Antarctica). After 16 years, the list of customers I’ve had the pleasure of working with is considerably long.

Benefits at KNAPP

Company cafeteria
Hearty, sweet, exotic or vegan – our company cafeteria has something to please every palate.
And if you’re looking for something healthy and regional, look no further than the on-site farmers’ market and fruit stand.

Play, laugh, jump around. Little ones feel at home in our very own in-house day care centre KNAPP-Kinderwelt.

KNAPP goes green
Charging stations for electric vehicles
Public transport subsidy

Yoga, power workout or nutritional advice – just some of the things on offer as part of our KNAPPvital health programme.

We place great importance on providing our employees with training and further education.

Further benefits:

  • Company pension scheme
  • Company health management programme
  • Company doctor
  • Company phone
  • Flexible working hours
  • Car park
  • Accessible with public transport
  • Countless employee discounts
  • Employee participation model
  • Employee events