KNAPP Mission: We are Tech Partner for Your Value Chain

Our world has become more interconnected and digital than ever. This is no secret and no surprise. What it does mean, however, is that everyone and everything – individuals, companies, technologies – is undergoing constant change. We want to be the ones who shape this change. Even logistics processes have long ceased to be just about the distribution of goods. Instead, we are dealing with the intelligent integration of entire value chains from the raw material to the end consumer. Our mission is to be the technology partner for your successful value chain, helping you to achieve sustained success.

Every step – from production and distribution to the last mile and point of sale – is interlinked at the physical level as well as at the informational level.

Franz Mathi, Chief Operating Officer, KNAPP AG
Franz Mathi

With our comprehensive value chain technologies, we help our partners to expand their competitive advantage and gain new ones.

Gerald Hofer, Chief Executive Officer
Gerald Hofer

Pulling down old walls and patterns of thinking

In the past years, we have worked with our partners in our core business areas to develop pioneering concepts and to successfully implement projects. We’ve always provided the right set of technologies for every step along the value chain. Now as value chain tech partner, we are integrating every step – from production and distribution to the last mile and point of sale – into a network, both at the physical level and informational level.

In doing so, the traditional four walls of the warehouse must be left behind, not only in the concrete sense, but also in how we think. Such limited ways of thinking have no place in the modern, digitally driven value chain. Everything must flow – raw materials, processes and goods. Everyone must be integrated into a network: locations and people, the local and the global. What links it all together is in-depth information and intelligent technologies.

The 3 pillars of KNAPP

1. Value Chain

Harness the full potential
of your value chain

You are the best at what you do! The value you promise sets you apart from the competition and ensures your success. With our skills and KNAPP technologies, you can achieve even more: the ideal value chain to take your business to the next level.

2. Tech

Infuse your value chain
with business intelligence

We don’t follow trends, we start them. Our technologies match the requirements of your value chain, ranging from warehouse robotics to data analysis tools and retrofitting your 20-year-old system. But that’s not all: We know how to use the right technologies to generate added value, gain new insights with the help of data and infuse business intelligence into each step of your value chain.

3. Partner

Let’s shape the future

KNAPP is at your side as a reliable partner. We’ll help you make your business case a success, whatever your needs may be – now or in the future. We’ll help you turn a daunting challenge into a welcome one, future-proofing your business and ensuring sustained growth. We explore new models of partnership to be the best partner for our customers. We can’t prevent change from happening, but we can assure you we will be there for you, even in 20 years’ time.

Expand and generate your competitive advantage.
With our all-encompassing value chain technology.