Logistics Case Studies: Automation in Practice

Would you like to know how our customers overcame challenges in their logistics? Are you curious about what it’s like to collaborate with us, what technologies we use and what our processes look like? Check out our logistics example to find out what logistics automation looks like in practice. If you would like more information on our real-life logistics examples, we’re happy to tell you more!

Omni-channel fulfillment: Parfums Christian Dior relies on exclusive logistics solution

Parfums Christian Dior stands for exclusive scents and luxurious cosmetics. The company, part of the well-known LVMH Group, produces their perfumes and cosmetic products in the Orléans region of France, in Saint Jean de Braye. Here, a state-of-the-art omni-channel fulfillment center has been in operation since 2018, with smart robots handling a large portion of the work.

Arne Jacobsen designed faucets displayed in VOLA showroom in colors gold, copper and black.
Logistics automation in warehouse and production at VOLA enables great customer experience

In an industry characterized by mass production and constant reduction of costs, VOLA have always trodden a different path, insisting on customer order-driven manufacturing and worldwide distribution from its only warehouse located directly next to their factory in Denmark. We asked Chief Operations Officer Peder Nygaard to explain how KNAPP’s flexible automation solution helps VOLA create the perfect customer experience – every single time.