Gerald Hofer, Chief Executive Officer

Gerald Hofer

Chief Executive Officer
  • At KNAPP since 1995
  • Chief Executive Officer since 2012

We consider ourselves to be a partner to industry. This means that the challenges facing our customers are also our challenges, and we overcome them together.

Franz Mathi, Chief Operating Officer, KNAPP AG

Franz Mathi

Chief Operations Officer
  • At KNAPP since 1999
  • Chief Operations Officer since 2012

Innovation and KNAPP are inseparably linked. With our technologies, we are changing the world of logistics over the long term.

Christian Grabner, Chief Financial Officer, KNAPP AG

Christian Grabner

Chief Financial Officer
  • At KNAPP since 2006
  • Chief Financial Officer since 2012

Our strategies and corporate culture are essential elements of our success.


Heimo Robosch

Executive Vice President
  • At KNAPP since 2001
We deliver far more than just logistics solutions. We provide our customers with flexibility and investment security.
Bernhard Rottenbuecher Managing Director KNAPP Systemintegration

Bernhard Rottenbücher

  • At KNAPP since 1997
We make complex processes manageable. This ensures that our customers enjoy lasting success.