From supply chain to value chain

KNAPP is a partner to industry and ensures its customers long-term success. The keys to success are flexible and scalable logistical concepts that can grow with the demands.


The zero-defect philosophy is state-of-the-art and combines quality with efficiency and economy. Smart assistance systems raise service to a new level; intuitive man and machine communication brings high-tech to the warehouse.


A value chain emerges from the supply chain thanks to new technologies and flexible processes. Interconnected systems turn logistics specialists into value providers.


The companies ivii GmbH and redPILOT are founded.


The KNAPP group has more than 35 locations worldwide and more than 3,000 employees. More than 1,700 systems are in operation around the globe.


KNAPP acquires shares in the KHT Apostore Group. KHT Apostore is a specialist in pharmacy autopickers and measurement devices. With this, KNAPP completes its portfolio and offers solutions for the entire pharmaceutical supply chain.


Innovations in shuttles, software, work stations and tailor-made services open up a new dimension in intralogistics.


YLOG Industry (today KNAPP Industry Solutions) comes on board and joins the KNAPP group. With the flexible YLOG-Shuttles, the KNAPP group expands its sector focus to include the areas industry and production.


The company specializes in all-in-one solutions and comprehensive service. At the same time, KNAPP lives out its slogan, making complexity simple.


The new Corporate Headquarters and Development Centre is opened. The systematic expansion of the subsidiaries follows over the following years.


KNAPP acquires Dürkopp Fördertechnik, headquartered in Bielefeld, and strengthens its presence in the fashion sector.


Forging new paths

2002 welcomes the 1000th employee. 2009 sees the number of employees rise to 1,605.


In 2002, the first OSR Shuttle™ starts operation at Richter Pharma in Wels. With the OSR Shuttle™, KNAPP unleashes an evolution in intralogistics.


2007 witnesses the founding of KNAPP AG. The company strategically aims for continued growth.


2008 has KNAPP acquiring the Scandinavian specialist for pallet conveyor systems, MOVING AB (today KNAPP AB).


Growth and progress

KNAPP builds up its competence in software and control systems.

At the end of the 90s, KNAPP acquires the software companies Syslog and Logim.


In the 90s, the first subsidiary is established in Italy.


1995 KNAPP acquires the company ATIS, today KNAPP Systemintegration in Leoben.

The first order from the USA opens the way for overseas markets. KNAPP continues to build up its presence in North and South America. Within a few years the number of employees grows to 650.


Software rounds off the service portfolio

In the early 1980s, Günter Knapp decided to supply and integrate software in addition to mechanics, electrical components and hardware.


KNAPP expands into new markets and supplies customers from all over Europe. The company acquires the Hart bei Graz location, today headquarters of the KNAPP group.


The time is right for the autopickers. Günter Knapp finally dusts off his idea. With it, he revolutionizes order fulfilment in pharmaceutical wholesaling. Microprocessors act as the control system.


In the mid-1980s, the company has 105 employees.


Going international

The pharmaceutical market booms. KNAPP lands its first German order from pharmaceutical wholesaler Krey & Vigener.


Ing. Günter Knapp invests heavily in research and development for further specialization in the pharmaceutical sector.


1978 sees microprocessors controlling containers on the conveyor systems. The cornerstone is laid for fast, precise order processing.


1979 sees the first employee cafeteria on the company premises.



The company primarily builds lifts, lifting systems and belt conveyors, for pharmaceutical wholesaler Herba Chemosan, for example. They are still a KNAPP customer to this day.

His inventive genius drives Günter Knapp forward. His vision: an automated picking machine for pharmaceutical wholesale. The market is not yet ready for this idea.


Why pharma in particular?

Ing. Günter Knapp recognizes the growing need for a fast supply of medicines and the potential for automated handling of medicine cartons.


Foundation building

In 1952, Ing. Günter Knapp establishes his company for manufacturing special machines with 2 employees in Graz, Austria.

Ing. Günter Knapp is inventor and tinkerer. His motto: Can we build it? Of course we can!

He acquires his first patent for an oil burner with a larger atomizing nozzle. In addition to this, the company also builds doughnut-filling machines, milk pumps and lifts.