making complexity simple is our motto and the objective of all our activities within the KNAPP group.

To fulfil this mission, the company values reliability, courage, openness, appreciation and creativity form the basis of our positive corporate culture. Across all areas and phases of business development, KNAPP values social fairness, diversity reflected in a positive, respectful approach to the individual, a strong foundation of trust as well as a conscientious attitude. Fundamental to our open corporate culture are thorough communication, creative freedom and the active involvement of employees in making decisions and changes. As a business with a strong focus on sustainability, KNAPP is aware of its responsibility and conducts its entrepreneurial action while always considering economic and ecologic factors as well as social compatibility.

This Code of Conduct applies to the entire KNAPP group and provides a set of guidelines on how all employees, managers and suppliers are to voluntarily conduct themselves.

Along with the compliance of all relevant legislation, the KNAPP Code of Conduct forms the minimum standard for decisions and actions within the group of companies as well as with respect to business partners and the public.

By observing the KNAPP Code of Conduct, employees and suppliers are doing their part to ensure that the companies of the KNAPP group are and will remain reliable business partners and continuously improve.

As a modern, international group of companies, KNAPP places great importance on appreciation and openness also with respect to equal rights for all people. At the same time, we are serious about our motto making complexity simple. When it comes to communication, both internally and externally, KNAPP is trying their best use gender-neutral language. Should this not be the case in some documents, it is only for the sake of better readability and to avoid excessive wordiness. Where gender-neutral language is not possible, it is nevertheless meant to include all genders without discrimination.

Gerald Hofer, Chief Executive Officer

Gerald Hofer

Chief Executive Officer
Franz Mathi, Chief Operating Officer, KNAPP AG

Franz Mathi

Chief Operations Officer
Christian Grabner, Chief Financial Officer, KNAPP AG

Christian Grabner

Chief Financial Officer

Laws and corporate social responsibility

KNAPP strives to evolve in a sustainable manner based on economic performance combined with corporate responsibility. In doing so, KNAPP responds to the interests of their employees and business partners with integrity, fairness and sincerity. In their business activities, KNAPP complies with all the relevant applicable laws and other legal requirements throughout all regions and countries. KNAPP is aware that laws and ethical norms may vary from country to country due to national specifics.
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Integrity and fair competition

When it comes to dealings with all stakeholders, reliability is a core value at KNAPP. Our business partners can trust that issues are dealt with integrity and in a way that conforms to legal requirements.
KNAPP stands for fair competition in all its business activities. The compliance of all competition and antitrust laws is a matter of course for KNAPP and is also expected from KNAPP's business partners. Any activities that limit fair competition are therefore not tolerated by KNAPP. In particular, no arrangements are made with competitors and no confidential information that could limit or distort fair competition is disclosed.
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Data protection

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IT security

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Product safety

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Quality management

Quality management not only shapes the cultural identity of a company but also plays a huge role in its success. In order to achieve the KNAPP quality standard we have set for ourselves, it is crucial to establish a working environment in which employees can act freely based on the KNAPP company values and that employees and quality managers acting on a local as well as global level collaborate on all hierarchical levels of the company by generating company-wide synergies throughout the various KNAPP locations. For this purpose, the KNAPP group of companies orients itself on internationally recognized ISO standards and is certified by external accredited institutions at regular intervals to demonstrate their quality standard.
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Health and safety management

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