KHT and ivii: 2 KNAPP subsidiaries enter business partnership

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ivii, technological leader in the area of intelligent image processing, and KHT, specialist for efficient stock management, are entering a business partnership.

Two of the main challenges in picking customer orders are end-to-end documentation and proving that dispatch has been carried out successfully. The company Kommissionier- und Handhabungstechnik GmbH (KHT) provides a solution to this challenge with the KHT photostation powered by ivii.  Prior to each outbound delivery, ivii’s digital imaging system takes photos of the corresponding order, which is uniquely identified through time stamp and routing label. 

The ivii.photostation provides maximum transparency in documenting customer orders. Thanks to the clear and comprehensible identification of the photos, customer complaints and returns can be processed much faster,” explained Christian Bauer, Managing Director, Kommissionier- und Handhabungstechnik Gmbh (KHT). The digital imaging system developed by ivii includes the structure, electrical system, camera and lighting.

The system can be used in various ways wherever a photo is required as proof at any given time. The KHT Managing Director describes another advantage, “Starting up the system takes a day at most. With a 24 volt power supply, it connects directly to the conveyor system. Currently, there is no comparable all-in-one solution available on the German market.

Once the ivii.photostation has created the images, they are stored on an FTP server in the customer network. The name of the image is composed of the time stamp and the barcode that was read. In this way, the image can properly be linked to an order.

Moreover, the data generated can automatically be processed further. To do this, the customer just has to integrate the photo function in their existing customer system.

ivii is the technological leader in intelligent image processing; KHT is the expert when it comes to industrial solutions in warehouse logistics. Based on years of experience and sector know-how, KHT knows exactly which customer-specific solutions can truly benefit from ivii.photostation. The common sales channel opens a variety of opportunities for both subsidiaries,” explained Peter Stelzer, Managing Director, ivii.

About KHT

Kommissionier- und Handhabungstechnik GmbH (KHT), founded in 1986 and headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, is an engineering company specializing in industrial solutions for warehouse logistics. The product portfolio includes measurement, weighing and storage technologies as well as industrial services. The core of their own development, manufacturing and planning includes systems for capturing master data, as well as fully-automatic small parts warehouses.

About ivii

ivii GmbH was founded in 2016 as a 100 % subsidiary of KNAPP AG. As an independent company, we are conquering the quality assurance market with intelligent image processing, backed by the stability of the successful international group of companies. We digitalize manual processes, simultaneously raising quality, performance and satisfaction.