Join KNAPP on the path towards the digital future

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35th BVL Logistik Dialog event, April 11–12, Pyramide hotel in Vösendorf

How is digitization transforming the world of work in logistics and production? How do digital tools influence our daily work? In a modern warehouse environment, digital solutions ensure a perfect interplay between workers and technology. At the 35th BVL Logistik Dialog event, KNAPP will present new answers to the questions raised by digitization and provide opportunities to discuss the challenges of the future. Roman Schnabl, Director of Product Management at KNAPP AG, will give a keynote speech entitled “Making complexity simple”, revealing how KNAPP is making complex processes manageable.

Experience digitization first hand

Visitors to the event will be given an insight into the virtual world of KNAPP at the Pick-it-Easy Virtual. With virtual reality glasses and joysticks, they will move around interactively in the virtual warehouse, experiencing KNAPP’s technologies at first hand. They will experience innovations such as the OSR Shuttle EVO, the Pick-it-Easy Evo and the Open Shuttles up close. The participants will have to put their speed and dexterity to the test when fulfilling orders at the digital Pick-it-Easy work stations.

The new generation of digital assistance

We use state-of-the-art technology to simplify work processes and make them more attractive for employees. The combination of smart devices and augmented reality applications guarantees quality assurance in each process step and boosts productivity. KNAPP will show visitors to the BVL Logistik Dialog event how man and machine can work hand in hand in the contemporary working environment.

Innovative employer in the technology sector

The event will give aspiring future talents the chance to learn more about the many different career opportunities in logistics, the sector of the future. KNAPP is on the lookout for qualified personnel and even those looking to change career paths for its Austrian sites in Hart bei Graz, Leoben, Dobl and Raaba-Grambach. The Human Resources experts at KNAPP will be on hand at the event to answer any questions you have and provide you with information on the many opportunities and prospects at a leading technology company in Styria.


BVL Logistik Dialog 2019