Barbara Heads Our Front and Back Office at KNAPP in Hart bei Graz

You can find out what her job involves, what makes it so enjoyable and why she is so glad to work at KNAPP right here!

Barbara Liebmann
Barbara Liebmann

How would you describe
a typical day at work?

I do many different things on a typical day, and I really enjoy the variety. I am the first person who visitors to the company see and I’m also a go-to person for colleagues as well. Monday through Friday, I greet customers, suppliers, external workers and job applicants. I brief them on safety and get them in contact with the right person within the company. Just like in logistics, I ensure that every person gets to the right person and the right place. I also work the switchboard, manage room reservations, issue access cards to employees and manage mobile communications in the company. In reception, we are the hub for security and safety – we keep our eyes on everything.  

What kind of education, experience or interests should you have for your job?

The most important thing in my opinion is not just working well with people, but really enjoying it! Training in office administration or front office is naturally advantageous. At times it can get quite hectic, so skills in communication, multi-tasking and being stress-resistant are absolute necessities to keep on top of these situations.

Which three words would best describe your job?

Interesting, varied, lively.

What do you like most about your job?

I really appreciate the variety that comes with the job. Every day is different, and no two people are ever alike – this a joy for me. Every day I deal with all sorts of different people, and I am motivated to respond to their individual concerns and to handle even the most challenging requests.

Why do you enjoy working for KNAPP?

I am proud to work for such a successful international company. I am in contact with people from all levels of the company and in my experience, our company values of reliability, courage, openness, appreciation and creativity are not empty words, but can be felt and experienced in our daily interaction with each other, no matter you are in the company. This makes work a real pleasure.

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