Christopher is a Senior Business Unit Controller

You can find out what his job involves, what makes it so enjoyable and why he is so glad to work at KNAPP right here!

Christopher Pfister
Christopher Pfister

How would you describe
a typical day at work?

I assist our business units in all their business and financial endeavors. This means that I take care of everything starting from budgeting and project controlling to variance analyses and cost estimates. This also includes analyzing various key figures as well as keeping in close communication with the business units.

What kind of education, experience or interests should you have for your job?

A background in business economics, finance or accounting is essential I’d say and you’ve got to love numbers. That makes you the right fit for this job.

Which three words would best describe your job?

Communication. Number-♥. Reliability.

What do you like most about your job?

Aside from numbers? (Laughs.) What I really enjoy is being in direct, close contact with many people from a variety of areas. This gives me a better understanding of the complex relationships within the company.

Why do you enjoy working for KNAPP?

With innovative strategies and pioneering solutions, KNAPP is continually forging new paths. That is how we have gone from a small company to a large corporation with business operations worldwide on every continent. This opens up a lot of new opportunities. I am proud to be part of this exciting, future-oriented company. Working together as a team is also an important aspect of my job. Even when I’m very busy at work, providing mutual support and understanding is always a top priority. Thanks to the continual collaboration with the colleagues and the diverse aspects of my job in the finance area, I’m convinced my job will stay as exciting as it is now.

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Sounds exciting?

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