Dagmar is a Travel Manager in the Travel Department

You can find out what her job involves, what makes it so enjoyable and why she is so glad to work at KNAPP right here!

Dagmar Baronig
Dagmar Baronig

How would you describe
a typical day at work?

I work behind the scenes to help my colleagues achieve their goals every day. Travel management includes everything needed to optimally organize on-site visits to customers or subsidiaries, such as booking flights, finding hotels within easy reach and providing rental cars with the necessary capacity. In addition to business trips, my responsibilities cover a broad spectrum, from vehicle fleet management to insurance management. I find the last-minute changes to plans or travel requests a particular challenge, but it is important that our colleagues be able to do their best anywhere in the world, especially in urgent cases.

What kind of education, experience or interests should you have for your job?

Being well-versed in the relevant booking and flight systems is important, as well as a good understanding of geography. I can also draw on various training programs and experience in air travel, which is very useful. What to pack? Open-mindedness and an interest in politics and world affairs. This helps me identify any special requirements there might be when planning a trip. It is also a good idea to keep current with events in the company and to take a practical interest in project management, which is helpful in keeping an eye on targets and figures.

Which three words would best describe your job?

Cosmopolitan. Challenging. Diverse.

What do you like most about your job?

I am particularly motivated by the collaboration with my colleagues. We support each other, especially in challenging situations – we pull together and help each other. I’ve always enjoyed organizing trips, so I think it’s really great that I can use this talent in my job. Despite the size and growth of the company, KNAPP has remained a very personal organization where you can say that every person truly counts. The mutual appreciation motivates me, as does the opportunity to work independently.

Why do you enjoy working for KNAPP?

There is no one experience, no “KNAPP moment”; it is this feeling of togetherness, our shared KNAPP spirit. Above all, it is the interpersonal contact within the company and the respectful communication with each other. Thanks to the wide range of responsibilities and the ever-changing destinations, the job remains exciting, challenges me and allows me to continue to grow.

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