Christmas cards

Dear colleagues,

This year you have the opportunity to send an e-card in the KNAPP design to customers, suppliers, partners and other people to whom you would like to wish happy holidays on behalf of the KNAPP group.

Have fun sending your Christmas greetings!

How it works:

  • Select a motive and click on Continue.
  • Add a personal greeting in the Greeting field, for example: “Dear Max or Dear Ms Smith”.
  • Enter your personal message in the Message field.
  • Enter your personal complimentary close in the Complimentary close field.
  • Click on Continue to view a preview of the card.
  • Click on Generate to create the greeting card and open a window.
  • Click on the “Eye” icon (above right) for a preview.
  • To send: Copy the link using the “Copy function” (icon next to the eye), paste it in the email and send the e-card.
Christmascard 1
Christmascard 2
Christmascard 3