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Digitalization is in full swing in intralogistics providing around-the-clock insights and ideas from computer generated data. A digital assistant concept for warehouse management will be presented at the LogiMAT from March 13–15 in Stuttgart, where you can get to know KNAPP, your competent partner for software.

At the LogiMAT, KNAPP will present its digital assistant concept for bringing transparency to the warehouse that is adapted to different target groups such as management, warehouse managers or maintenance technicians. The digital assistant provides the right information at any time, prepared precisely for the specific purpose and for the right end device (smartphone, tablet, desktop). Relevant key figures and tasks can also be called up at any time.

“We’ve defined the term smart workers because we are convinced that people are the best tool there is. When we convert data into information and make it available in the right quality at the right time, this digital assistance enables the person to work more efficiently,” explained Gerald Hofer, KNAPP AG CEO, about the idea behind the concept. Improved availability and immediate feedback makes working easier.

Data is taken from all software modules, from the warehouse management system to the machine control systems to bring transparency to operation and maintenance. Exciting applications are arising as a result of the integration of redPILOT and ivii, the youngest companies of the KNAPP group. redPILOT offers the optimal addition for comprehensively optimizing operation – software that plans the resources in the warehouse and achieves cost transparency. ivii, on the other hand, provides assistance based around image processing technology allowing maintenance technicians to see the need for preventative maintenance at a motor using a thermographic camera, for example.

KiSoft, the logistics software by KNAPP, guarantees optimal system integration. The software platform manages all processes from goods-in to goods-out and flexibly integrates diverse technologies – such as the OSR Shuttle™ Evo. The different modules within KiSoft make digitization possible down to digital assistants in the warehouse.



KNAPP AG is technological leader in warehouse automation and logistics software. Over 1,800 active systems in more than 60 countries make KiSoft one of the leading software brands. Of the 3,400 employees in the KNAPP group, more than 700 work in the field of software. There are software experts in all subsidiaries, with software development centred in the locations in Graz (Austria), Leoben (Austria), Bielefeld (Germany) and Åstorp (Sweden).

About ivii GmbH
ivii develops intelligent image processing and assistance systems that merge software and hardware components in an innovative way. ivii manufactures solutions that can be used in any sector for any scope of application. Together with ivii, KNAPP AG is widening its focus on Industry 4.0.

About redPILOT GmbH

redPILOT makes long-term optimized use of complex logistics applications a reality. Flexibility and speed of adjustment are key to modern logistics. A specially developed cloud software solution for warehouse operation helps redPILOT get the very best out of logistics systems around-the-clock – ecologically, socially and economically.

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