Experience zero defect production live at Automatica 2018

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The requirements for the logistics and production solutions of the future are becoming ever more complex. Along with economy and flexibility, precision, process reliability and quality assurance pose weighty challenges. At centre stage, naturally, is the person. Simple, intuitive interactions are made possible all thanks to smart communication between man and machine. Manual and automated processes are harmonized, ensuring error-free handling in a warehouse or production facility.

With the zero defect production solution, for the first time diverging demands can be fulfilled simultaneously. At the Automatica fair, from June 19–22 in Munich, the KNAPP subsidiaries are making their appearance under the motto zero defect production, demonstrating the production of the future.

Cost-effectiveness: Highly-efficient storage systems guarantee the provision of production materials and parts

The INDU-Store is an efficient solution for storing and picking a wide variety of articles on a single item basis. With the INDU-Store, a range of articles that otherwise would require a lot of manual work to process can simply be automated. Scalable dimensions and the use of a resilient robot increase quality and efficiency as well as providing maximum storage density in a minimum amount of space. The flexibility and performance required to respond swiftly to ever-changing demands are then available when needed. Additionally, the INDU-Store meets the documentation requirements specific to the sector such as lot tracking, serial number registration and cost centre tracking for single items.

Flexibility: The Open Shuttle means flexibility in transport systems

Autonomous transport robots move containers and pallets inside the warehouse. They are also perfectly suited to supply work stations just-in-time. Special features of these agile little helpers: the Open Shuttles move without any optical or physical guide lines, which means that their routes are flexible and can be adapted at any time. This flexibility allows the Open Shuttle to fit right in with the existing conditions and offer maximum safety for people as well as for inventory. The freely navigating Open Shuttles draw on their swarm intelligence to distribute orders among the entire fleet in a clever and adaptive way. The vehicles communicate constantly with one another and distribute orders flexibly. This opens new opportunities to optimize routes and transit times. Thanks to swarm intelligence, it’s now possible to apply the right amount of transport capacity in a smart and agile way, at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place.

Quality: Modern image recognition and processing technologies for the implementation of a zero defect strategy.

The ivii.smartdesk allows a 100 % quality check to take place during the assembly process. The integrated image recognition and image processing system scans every component that is installed during production. Thanks to a real-time feedback system, the employee receives an immediate evaluation of the quality of the step taken. This ensures error-free assembly and end-to-end traceability.

About KNAPP Industry Solutions GmbH
KNAPP Industry Solutions is the specialist within the KNAPP group for tailor-made solutions for industry, manufacturing and distribution logistics. With scalable shuttle solutions, new technologies are available from the company that offer the industrial sector new possibilities in terms of flexibility and availability.

About ivii GmbH
As the image processing experts within the KNAPPP group, ivii GmbH develops smart image processing solutions for quality assurance. Optical data is captured and made available for the user and the customer using image processing.

About KHT GmbH
KHT GmbH is the specialist in the KNAPP group for customer-specific solutions for handling small parts in industry and retail. By uniquely identifying the articles as they are stored, the INDU-Store automatic picking machine supplies individual items in the precise quantity needed, direct and error-free to their destination.