GEHE implements first KNAPP-Store in the McKesson Europe group

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GEHE is opening a brand-new, ultramodern subsidiary in Rostock this summer. This investment in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will provide the company with top-notch storage and central belt technology for more than 100,000 different medicines. The new site in Rostock will consolidate the activities of the existing subsidiaries in Schwerin and Neubrandenburg.

GEHE opted for a cutting-edge central belt combination of a fast-mover autopicker and a KNAPP-Store – a unique fusion in the McKesson Europe group – to supply their customers even more efficiently. The KNAPP-Store ensures easy handling of slow-moving articles and returns as well as articles with different lot numbers and date marks. Picking the articles onto a common central belt together with continuous tracking ensures fast and error-free processing of all articles in the warehouse.

About GEHE:

The pharmaceutical wholesaler GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH is a subsidiary company of McKesson Europe. GEHE supplies medicines from 19 subsidiaries to pharmacies across the entire country on a day-to-day basis, thereby ensuring a stable supply of medicines in Germany. Moreover, the Stuttgart-based pharmaceutical wholesaler supports their customers by offering services involving the marketing and management of their pharmacies. Since 2016, GEHE has offered enhanced services and a real value added with GEHE SPA – an exclusive service partnership for wholesale customers. The “gesund leben” (live healthily) pharmacy cooperation with its 2,300 members and around 60 industrial partners is the most prominent pharmacy cooperation of Germany. Pharmaceutical competence, holistic effectiveness and dialogue-driven action are the three cornerstones of the cooperation. The pharmacy cooperation “gesund leben” (live healthily) supports their partners with five service categories (expert knowledge, Category Management, marketing, service management and purchasing). The aim is to ensure the long-term competitiveness of their local pharmacies.

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