We love what we do: The KNAPP spirit leads us on to success

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We are a global team of 5,000 people who work in 7 different time zones and speak 55 different languages. Each one of us has a different background, education and perspective, and whether you are an apprentice or an employee of many years, in Austria or on the other side of the world, what connects us all is the KNAPP spirit.

It’s the passion we feel about our work and the determination to keep evolving as we create one-of-a-kind solutions for our customers. In this blog post, colleagues talk about their various career paths and about the spirit that sets us apart as an employer.

Careers starting with an apprenticeship: An education with great career prospects

We give our employees both the freedom and the support they need to continue to develop in their careers. Therefore, we promote education, training and development in all areas. What happens after the apprenticeship? We have many success stories in the company, one of whom is Christoph Zorn. He started his career at KNAPP in 2011 with an apprenticeship in mechatronics, while at the same time completing his higher school certificate. After completing his education, he jumped at the chance to become team leader in special machine construction; in 2017 while continuing to work, he also started a degree program:

“I was always supported, both in my initial education as well as when I wanted to further my education. Right after I started working on my degree in marketing and sales, I got the chance to move into strategic sales at KNAPP, which was right up my alley. Today, I work as Sales Manager in operative sales, and I really enjoy it. I like working directly with our customers and, with my colleagues, finding just the right solution for their requirements. One of the great benefits I enjoy since I started out at KNAPP is that I have built up an extensive network among my colleagues. This has been a great help in project management and makes much of what I do at work easier.”

Christoph Zorn, Sales Manager, KNAPP AG
Christoph Zorn
Sales Manager, KNAPP AG

World explorer: Adventures abroad

Our work as a technology company takes us all over the world. As we work with our customers in this international environment, we are giving shape to the unknown, that is, the future. That’s why we need adventurous employees, who want to travel this path with us, promoting our projects across the globe. Many of our colleagues are commissioning engineers, working at the installation sites and getting the systems up and running. Others are packing up completely, leaving Austria for a few years to work abroad at one of our international locations.

Gerald Rosspeintner is one of our expatriates who returned in 2020 after working for five years at our subsidiary in Braeside, Melbourne, in Australia. There he was Director of Operations and managed the local customer projects. Additionally, he was responsible for the day-to-day operations, from procurement to managing suppliers to matters of service. Since his return, he has headed Sales and Engineering in Leoben. During his previous career at KNAPP as well as during his time abroad, what he particularly remembers fondly was the solidarity among colleagues:

“Aside from the interesting work in intralogistics, the many career opportunities and everything the company offers, what I value the most are the relationships with colleagues and the corporate climate. At all the various company locations, even extending beyond that, colleagues have a very friendly and cooperative attitude. This makes it so much easier to work together and makes it no problem to manage projects across several continents.

Gerald Rosspeintner, Director Sales & Engineering, KNAPP Systemintegration GmbH
Gerald Rosspeintner
Director Sales & Engineering, KNAPP Systemintegration GmbH

For those doing commissioning work at our installations, there are also many opportunities for career development in the company. Working as a commissioning engineer, you are traveling to our installation sites across the globe, becoming acquainted with other cultures and countries, and getting to know the various technologies. Alexander Jobst is one of these world explorers. He started his career in 2010 as a PLC commissioning engineer and traveled around the world for our customer projects. After three years, he became team leader, then head of the department. He has continued developing his career in management and has been the Director of SRS Commissioning in Hart bei Graz since 2016. The time he spent abroad was a valuable experience:

“During the first years I was working as a commissioning engineer with my colleagues all over the world. From Canada to Australia, I saw a lot of places. This had a huge influence on me personally, and it made me more cosmopolitan. At KNAPP, I learned so much over the years and there is always something new to learn, both professionally and personally. Every day is challenging, and that’s what makes it so exciting. We keep it relaxed and light-hearted, which makes our work all the more enjoyable.”

Alexander Jobst, Director SRS Commissioning, KNAPP AG
Alexander Jobst
Director SRS Commissioning, KNAPP AG

Progressive thinkers help shape tomorrow’s technologies

At KNAPP, innovation is a tradition and part of our company’s DNA. We bank on research and development, as well as the know-how of our employees. That’s why we need bright minds who, with visionary thinking and in keeping with the KNAPP spirit, will help to create the solutions of the future.

Gudrun Fischer, part of the KNAPP team since 2018, deals with new digital business potentials in the market as Manager of Digital Business Models. Creating added value for customers is important to Gudrun in her work:

“My job is very interesting and involves many different aspects. It’s fantastic that our company is so highly invested in digital solutions and that I can be actively involved in their creation. Our years of experience in the intralogistics industry and the new digital business models is a winning combination, so we are quite confident in supporting our customers and offering them ideal solutions.”

Gudrun Fischer
Manager of Digital Business Models, KNAPP AG

Can you feel the KNAPP spirit?

Perhaps you will soon be playing on our team: Worldwide, we are looking for 1,000 new employees in all areas who will work with us as we continue writing the amazing story of our success. Are you a good fit? Find out here and apply now.

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Inspiring KNAPP employees and future employees is Alina’s passion. In our blog, she provides insights into the working world of the KNAPP group. She also gives our employees the chance to have their say, and tell us why they are so keen on KNAPP.


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