KNAPP AG: Increase in turnover by 20 percent and highest order receipt in company history

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The Styrian KNAPP AG achieved record turnover results since its foundation, with approx. 327 million euros in the past fiscal year (2011/2012). The company’s workforce increased by 300 and now counts 2,100 members of staff, of which 1,600 are employed in Austria. The core business areas of the warehouse logistics specialist are pharmaceutical wholesale, fashion as well as food/retail. KNAPP invested more than 20 million euros in research and development in the past fiscal year.

For its 60th company anniversary, the logistics business KNAPP with headquarters in Hart bei Graz (Austria) is pleased to announce the highest results in company history. In the past fiscal year 2011/2012, KNAPP achieved the highest turnover since the business’s foundation, with 327 million euros, clearly surpassing the sales target of 300 million euros. “Despite the uncertain economic situation, we were able to continue on our long-term course of growth. The main reason for this successful result can be found in the highest order receipt in company history with a total of 425 million euros, which is an increase of 50 percent compared to the previous year”, says KNAPP CEO Eduard Wünscher on the company’s development. The EBIT remained stable on last year’s level of 11.3 million euros – despite extensive investments.

Workforce: increase by 15 percent
The successful course of this international business is reflected in its number of employees. “Due to the strong growth on the market, our number of employees increased by 15 percent in the past year. In Austria alone, our workforce increased from 1,400 to 1,600”, Wünscher says. At the moment, the KNAPP AG has 2,100 employees worldwide. Due to the on-going high level of investment in research and development – amounting to more than 20 million euros in fiscal year 2011/2012 – we assume that the number of employees will continue to rise in the next couple of years. “More than 350 individuals are continuously working on new and further developments in our Styrian locations alone”, Wünscher explains.

Forecast for fiscal year 2012/2013: aiming for ten percent increase in turnover
Based on our current state of knowledge, the rapid course of growth will continue in the new fiscal year. Wünscher: “We plan for an organic growth of about ten percent. Looking at our track record of the past five years, we have a growth in turnover of approx. 130 million euros to show for. That is more than 66 percent, and we are very proud!” For comparison: in fiscal year 2007/2008 the company had a turnover of 196.1 million euros.

Export quota of 98 percent: increase in turnover by 30 percent in Western Europe
The Styrian logistics specialist operates on an international level, impressively demonstrated by an export quota of 98 percent. In the past year, the Western European region showed especially positive development, with a turnover increase of 30 percent. KNAPP achieved about 80 percent of its total turnover in Western Europe, of which the English and German markets account for the main share.

North America shows a similar picture, with an increase by 25 percent. Wünscher: “We used the past fiscal year to further strengthen our market presence and further expand our knowledge of the sectors. Besides our traditional core strengths in pharmaceutical wholesale, we were also able to develop fashion and food/retail to full core sectors of KNAPP AG.”

In the fashion business segment, among other projects, our company has equipped the new logistics centre of the renowned shoes manufacturer Clarks in North America with a KNAPP logistics system. The 41,900 sqm centre in Hanover, Pennsylvania, will go into operation at the end of 2012. In the future, an OSR Shuttle system of the newest generation will store, process and ship about 50 million pairs of shoes each year. KNAPP AG has already furnished the new Clarks distribution centre in UK.

Technology & Logistics Supplier of the Year
In British Burton-upon-Trent, KNAPP developed and realized an innovative multi-channel solution for the retailer Boots UK for its growing e-commerce branch. The OSR Shuttle system with more than 70,000 storage locations forms the heart of this solution. The wholesaler for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics invested approx. 60 million euros in the new service and logistics centre. At peak times, about 1,000 employees process 900,000 single items every day in the new warehouse. This automation solution by KNAPP increases productivity in the logistics system by 65 percent compared to the previously fully manual order processing. For development and implementation of this innovative solution, KNAPP received the renowned British “Grocer Gold Award” in the category “Technology & Logistics Supplier of the Year”. “Awards like this one are always a great honour, but also a challenge for the future. It is our goal to constantly strive to improve our technologies”, Wünscher concludes.
KNAPP AG operates internationally in the field of warehouse automation and warehouse logistics software. The company with headquarters in Hart bei Graz has 2,100 employees worldwide. The high export quota of 98% reflects the international character of the business: KNAPP has 18 subsidiaries and 14 representative offices around the globe. In the past fiscal year, the company achieved a record turnover of 327 million euros.