Logistik Sommer 2022: 20 Years of KNAPP and the Digitalization Think Tank

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Digital transformation has great potential, but also brings great challenges. At the Logistik Sommer 2022, the main event of the Independent Logistics Society (ILS), experts from a range of areas and industries take a look at digitalization and how it can be a long-term goal. As a long-standing partner, KNAPP takes part in the think tank for the 20th year in a row in Leoben, Austria, from September 22 to 23, 2022.


Transforming value chains digitally

Logistik Sommer 2022 focuses on questions revolving around digital transformation: Is it possible to harness digitalization for the long term? How can we exploit the potential of digitalization for long-term success while generating added value along the entire value chain? And how does digital transformation affect us all?
In recent years, the event has become a platform for trendsetters, pioneers and masterminds that offers an exciting program on digitalization. Taking place in a modern local venue – the new Live Congress Leoben – the event not only lets participants network in person, some content is also available to view online.

Digitalization along the value chain

At KNAPP, digitalization plays a key role in the automation of value chains. Digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning make it possible to smartly interconnect software and logistics systems along the entire value chain. With intelligent tools in logistics, the systems are fed with digital information, enabling them to perform optimally. These tools include cutting-edge digitalization, software, automation and robotics solutions, which are all part of KNAPP’s solution portfolio. They serve as the basis for success in a data-driven world.

20 years of partnership with the Leoben networking platform

The Independent Logistics Society provides a platform for newcomers, pioneers and masterminds to discuss how logistics can benefit from digital transformation. The main event, called Logistik Sommer, takes place in Leoben, Austria, for the 20th time and offers not only intriguing keynotes, interesting panel discussions and helpful use cases but also many opportunities for exchanging ideas and establishing contacts. KNAPP has been involved in the event since the beginning 20 years ago. At this year’s Logistik Sommer, KNAPP shows how digitalization is possible along the value chain and how intelligent solutions ensure digitalized processes for the long term. For instance, participants can look forward to learning about how digitally recording and collecting master data allows efficient automation.

Intelligent technology with roots in the “green heart of Austria”

KNAPP is an international technology company based in Styria, an important business location that is also known as the “green heart of Austria”. Worldwide, the company employs around 6,000 employees with different skillsets, backgrounds, perspectives. What brings them together is the passion they feel for their work. They know that providing first-class service within long-term partnerships makes KNAPP the strong partner behind the success of their customers. At KNAPP, innovation, internationality and team spirit are highly valued. As the event takes place in Leoben, close to the subsidiary KNAPP Systemintegration, it brings together research and the world of business: With 700 employees, KNAPP Systemintegration plans, develops and implements intelligent technologies and systems for both brick and mortar and online food retail.

For more information on ILS and Logistik Sommer 2022, please visit https://ils365.at/.

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