KNAPP looks towards the digital future

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For the first time, the Leoben Logistics Summer will be showing off its new format – the Innovators’ Club. The theme of the event, which will take place at the Montanuniversität on September 27 and 28, will be “digital skills”. Top speakers and innovative companies will participate to examine diverse issues surrounding digitalization. KNAPP will also be represented at the event with its innovative and smart solutions and will give visitors a chance to look into the future.

Turning data into information

How do digital technologies influence our daily work? How can the right amount of information be provided at precisely the right time and at the right location? The new smart warehouse logistics require completely new approaches to service, as well as tools and solutions. KNAPP will present its answers to digitalization at the event and will also be there to discuss the challenges of the future. Whether it be the OSR Shuttle Evo, with the KNAPP KiSoft software optimally evaluating data to ensure precise sequencing, or digital assistants, which prepare the collected data according to specific target groups – KNAPP places high demands on its technologies in order to support its customers in their daily business in the best way possible.

Highest throughput and storage density on the market

The OSR Shuttle Evo integrates all the functions of classic shuttle systems to give the highest throughput and storage density on the market. New processes such as storage, picking, buffering, sequencing or replenishment can be integrated with ease. Every shuttle can reach all of the storage locations and container lifts on their storage level, allowing the system to provide precise sequencing. As a result, the OSR Shuttle Evo perfectly supports the development of new sectors as well as omni-channel distribution. Besides optimum system interconnection based on the warehouse logistics software KiSoft or SAP® EWM by KNAPP as part of an SAP strategy, the OSR Shuttle Evo guarantees security, quality and service for the entire system lifecycle.

Experiencing digitalization first hand

KNAPP’s digital assistant provides the right information at precisely the right time, in the right quality and on the desired end device (smartphone, tablet or desktop computer). The information is tailored to diverse target groups such as managing directors, warehouse managers and service technicians, enabling everyone to work more efficiently. KiSoft, KNAPP’s logistics software, guarantees optimal system integration. Data is taken from all software modules, from the warehouse management system to the machine control systems, to bring transparency to both operation and maintenance. Come and see the digital assistants for yourself at the Leoben Summer Logistics event. KNAPP also invites you to embark on an interactive journey through the warehouse of the future – including virtual picking.

Innovative employer in the technology sector

Aspiring future talents have the chance to learn more about the many different career opportunities in the logistics sector of the future. KNAPP is on the lookout for qualified personnel and even those looking to change career paths for its Austrian sites in Graz, Leoben and Dobl. The Human Resources experts at KNAPP will be on hand at the event to answer any questions you have and provide you with information on the many opportunities and prospects within the company.