KNAPP implements logistics solution at Migros Lucerne

Press information: Published on in Food, Technology

At Migros Lucerne, the largest private employer in central Switzerland, KNAPP is optimizing the existing warehouse infrastructure with a highly automated solution for food retail. The warehouse system is scheduled to begin operation in early 2021.

The Migros Cooperative Lucerne is the largest private employer in central Switzerland with over 6,000 employees and annual sales of 1.46 billion CHF. The cooperative operates 55 supermarkets and consumer markets, 5 outlets, 9 VOI Migros Partners (local small shop concept of the Migros Cooperatives in Aare, Lucerne and Zurich), over 20 speciality markets, 21 catering locations, 3 Migros Club Schools as well as sport, fitness and golf parks. Fresh products are delivered to the points of sale one to three times a day, six days a week, including dairy products, meat and sausage products, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Highly automated solution for food retail

At the Dierikon site, the company is operating at the limits of its capacity with the existing warehouse infrastructure and cannot handle the growth planned for 2025. The goal was therefore to install a competitive solution with a high degree of automation. Using their many years of experience in the food sector, KNAPP created the ideal concept for Migros Lucerne – a customized solution for fruits and vegetables. However, this is not the first highly-automated logistics system to be built by KNAPP for the Migros Group. At Migros Zurich, a cooperative belonging to the Migros Community, two FAST Picking solutions have been up and running for several years.

“Our semi-automatic system running today is no longer sufficient for our current handling units. We are having to fill in the gaps more and more often with manual picking,” says Arthur Blaettler, Project Manager at Migros Lucerne. “The KNAPP solution is both highly automated and geared to the challenging cardboard packaging area. That’s why we decided to work with KNAPP.”

KNAPP – the specialist in full-case picking

KNAPP’s FAST Picking solution is the perfect system for automatic, high-performance picking. In future, over 90 % of all fresh articles will be depalletized at the Dierikon site, stored temporarily in the OSR Shuttle storage and picking system and then palletized for the stores – all automatically. High-powered pallet and container conveying systems will connect the warehouse areas to one another. The solution is scheduled to begin operation in early 2021.

KNAPP is an expert in full-case picking and the implementation of this solution once again proves their competence in the food sector. Customers around the world are fulfilling orders fully-automatically using KNAPP’s picking solutions, including the companies Axfood, Estuario Carni and many others.


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