AutoPocket: KNAPP Integrates First Pocket Sorter in Pharma Logistics

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AutoPocket success: Pocket sorter now used by Lithuanian pharma company Limedika

In a span of 15 months, KNAPP broke new ground in pharmaceutical warehousing by implementing a cutting-edge, fully automatic pocket sorter system from its AutoPocket series in Lithuania. Used widely in fashion and retail solutions and favoured for its high-performance operation, this powerful sorter system is now being used in pharma distribution for the first time. Multi-channel distribution is gaining ground in pharma distribution, demanding new solutions that can handle high volume sorting and deliver high performance. The scalable design and advanced batch picking capabilities help to manage e-commerce business smoothly and efficiently.


Great reasons to choose AutoPocket

AutoPocket is revving up the world of pocket sorter systems. Up until now, the systems were capable of bringing items to work stations for workers to pick manually. AutoPocket takes it one step further: It automatically deposits items anywhere in the warehouse while moving at full speed. The pocket sorter system is equipped with RFID technology, so 100 % tracking, accurate identification and access at any time to any item in the system are all in the bag. Intelligent matrix sortation brings order to otherwise chaotically buffered goods and provides a reliable 100 % sequence, sorted according to the required criteria.

Trust is what counts

Limedika, a Lithuanian pharmaceutical wholesaler headquartered in Kaunas, supplies over 1500 pharmacies and hospitals in Lithuania. Their logistics centre needed expanding for a number of reasons: significant changes in order structure, more click and collect options for pharmacies, a marked increase in e-commerce, and Limedika’s broad responsibility in supplying medicines, dietary supplements and veterinary care products to their customers. KNAPP and Limedika enjoy an established partnership based on trust. A team of design engineers and software experts from both companies was tasked with finding a logistics solution that could handle varying order structures, ensure fast delivery times and minimise error rates. They came up with an innovative solution: integrating a new pocket sorter system from the AutoPocket series in the existing warehouse logistics system. This provides fully automated order consolidation, efficient multichannel order processing and end-to-end documentation. The flexible design leaves plenty of room for further growth. This all-in-one solution is ready for a successful future. “Our work together with the Limedika project team was marked by mutual appreciation”, explains Johannes Breitler, KNAPP Sales Project Lead and Key Account.

Perfect integration, smart sequencing

For the most part, the existing pharmaceutical warehouse structure – including an A-frame picking system, floored racks, and check and shipping stations – remained unchanged. Click and collect orders for pharmacies, but also items for online orders that are delivered directly to the end customer are all sent to the loading stations, where they are individually inducted into the pockets of the AutoPocket. The AutoPocket automatically and precisely drops goods off anywhere in the warehouse, without slowing down or stopping. Other features allow for efficient batch picking with end-to-end tracking of serial and lot numbers. “AutoPocket and a classic pharma wholesale logistics solution are a unique combination. We’re proud to have made history and we are delighted that the system is performing just as promised.” Arûnas Grigaliûnas, Director Logistics Limedika.

The right software links for optimal goods flow

Such innovative hardware needs the most state-of-the-art warehouse logistics software. While Limedika provided the warehouse management system (WMS), the warehouse control system (WCS) is part of the KNAPP solution. To monitor the technical condition of the entire system, KiSoft SCADA was also implemented. Along with showing the current condition, the software provides a visualization of all system components and information on the operational state. KiSoft SCADA also ensures a rapid response to incidents since the problem can be pinpointed immediately. This new and scalable concept opens up exciting new opportunities for the AutoPocket system to be used in the pharmaceutical sector.