KNAPP Launches Blister Card Solution

Press information: Published on in Healthcare, Technology

The KNAPP AG has made the impossible possible – by creating a system to automatically transfer medications from their original packaging directly into patient-specific blister cards. The D3 Daily Dose Dispenser system, a fully automatic solution for creating patient-specific medication blister packaging, has gone on stream at the German pharmaceutical service provider MicuraPharm. The system provides tremendous relief to pharmacies, blister centers and care facilities.

The shortage of carers and demographic change have brought automation into focus in industries beyond the traditionally automated sectors of retail, e-commerce and industry. Automated blister systems that repack tablets make an important contribution toward helping the healthcare sector master current challenges. Additionally, pre-filled medication packs positively influence the effectiveness of prescribed treatment, thereby improving patients’ quality of life.

KNAPP innovation: D3 Daily Dose Dispenser

The D³ Daily Dose Dispenser blister packing solution provides support for the medication picking and repackaging processes, which is a boon for producers of patient-specific blister packs. The process is fully automatic. Tablets are picked directly from the original blister pack into a new blister card. They are then sealed and affixed with a card that includes patient information and instructions on how to take the medicine. The entire process supports pharmacy and healthcare workers, helping mitigate the effects of the labor shortage in healthcare.

MicuraPharm opens showroom near Mainz

The first D3 Daily Dose Dispenser is located at the MicuraPharm demo center in Klein-Winternheim, Germany. MicuraPharm Managing Director Edgar Mähringer-Kunz summarizes the advantages of the new system: “The D³ Daily Dose Dispenser handles tablets independently. Each tablet remains in its original packaging until it is dispensed, which the system performs at rapid speed and with the highest degree of safety.” The individual work steps of the process are automatically checked and documented. KNAPP’s D3 system will be able to produce up to 4,500 blisters per week with just three skilled workers in the maximum expansion stage.

The innovative blister cards are as easy as possible for patients and carers to handle and the new D3 system provides numerous other advantages, including: user-friendly and error-free design, top hygiene standards and tracing of charges, lot numbers and expiry dates.

The partner for pharmacies, blister centers and care facilities

If desired, pharmacies provide the service of managing patients’ prescriptions and medication. The D3 Daily Dose Dispenser can significantly reduce the amount of stock held in pharmacies and resealable cups on the blister card mean medication changes can even be factored in. The clear, patient-specific labeling makes it easy to give patients the medication directly with no need for time-consuming und error-prone refilling. With the system, both pharmacies and care facilities save valuable time in caring for their patients.

Value chain tech partner for healthcare solutions

The KNAPP AG has been a high-tech partner of the healthcare sector for over 70 years. Their focus is on solutions for the entire logistics value chain, from production to wholesale to the patient. The D3 Daily Dose Dispenser is not just a product, but an all-in-one solution encompassing software, service and continuous support.