KNAPP launches sustainability programme now4tomorrow

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The technology company KNAPP shows that sustainability and technology go hand in hand. To make sustainable economic development initiatives and results visible in the form of detailed reporting, the company has started a new sustainability programme, now4tomorrow. The goal is to present a comprehensive sustainability report by fiscal year 2025/26 to quantify and clearly depict progress using KPIs.

The sustainability programme now4tomorrow is based on a three-year step-by-step plan. Along with ensuring that KNAPP’s corporate reporting conforms with the European Green Deal, the programme will provide KNAPP’s sustainability facts, figures and data to their customers and to society at large. For the sake of transparency and comparability, the future sustainability report will be based on the EU’s new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). These standards were created to ensure consistent reporting standards across Europe. KNAPP will apply these guidelines not only to their European subsidiaries, but to all international locations in the KNAPP group.

Sustainability as part of corporate culture

“Sustainability has been part of our company culture for many years,” explains Katrin Pucher, who is responsible for the sustainability programme now4tomorrow. “As a technology partner, we take responsibility and observe value chains with the environment and continuity in mind.” There are many ways digitalization and automation can help improve sustainability. This includes not only software solutions that increase efficiency and reduce errors, but also fully automatic empties solutions that contribute to the circular economy, packaging optimization that conserves resources and retrofit programmes that give logistics systems a second life.

KNAPP and social initiatives: 10 years of KNAPP-Kinderwelt

Along with expanding their environmental protection activities, KNAPP is also dedicated to providing good social benefits to their employees. These include company cafeterias and health programmes at the Austrian locations in Hart bei Graz, Leoben and Dobl. It also includes the company kindergarten, which celebrated its tenth anniversary with a party on October 11, 2023 at the KNAPP-Kinderwelt daycare centre. Currently, 19 employees take care of 83 children from ages 1 to 6.

Flexible, all-day operating hours that allow for up to 12 hours of care on business days provide key support for parents returning to work. Additionally, the KNAPP-Kinderwelt offers daycare during the school holidays for children up to 10 years of age. “It is important to us to provide our employees with an attractive work environment. This includes professional challenges and opportunities for development, as well as comprehensive social benefits and a family-friendly corporate culture. The company daycare is a project that is still close to our hearts and its opening in October 2013 was a milestone in our company history,” says Gerald Hofer, CEO of KNAPP AG.