LogiMAT: KNAPP’s Pick-it-Easy Evo for industry – not just a work station, it’s an experience

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LogiMAT 2019, February 19-21, Stuttgart Fair, Hall 3, Stand B03

Digitization is transforming the world of work. A development that is influencing the work processes of people in the manufacturing environment. What will the work station of the future look like? Is it possible to combine efficiency, quality, ergonomics and design in a single work station concept?

For more than 15 years, KNAPP has focussed on the design of goods-to-person work stations used in industry. Over 1,000 of our intelligent Pick-it-Easy series work stations are currently serving as the link between the employee and the automated warehouse technology in installations around the globe. With the new goods-to-person work station Pick-it-Easy Evo, KNAPP is raising the quality of work in warehouses and production to a whole new level.

Work smart, not hard!

Pick-it-Easy work stations reduce the number of monotonous and strenuous tasks that involve lifting, stooping and stretching to reach objects. At the same time, they boost efficiency in order processing as well as the quality of deliveries and services. In developing the Pick-it-Easy series, KNAPP applied its zero defect philosophy to the world of work stations. The ergo-dynamic KiDesign, the intuitive easyUse user guidance and automated checks within processes guarantee maximum quality at maximum performance.

Pick-it-Easy – unsurpassed work station concept

The Pick-it-Easy series focusses on the warehouse worker. Building on years of experience, KNAPP, in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland and the Occupational Health Centre Graz, developed the intelligent KiDesign for the Pick-it-Easy work station series. KiDesign is the perfect goods-to-person solution, combining ergonomics, multi-functionality, efficiency, economy and design.

The work stations in the Pick-it-Easy series are designed with diverse industry-specific applications in mind and are also adapted to individual customer requirements. This is why the Pick-it-Easy series uses a modular system – it enables the work stations to be tailored to specific requirements.

KiDesign – unsurpassed design concept

KNAPP has been working on the ergo-dynamic design of its goods-to-person work stations for more than fifteen years and is the leader in this field. With KiDesign, KNAPP has created a design concept for work stations that combines ergonomics, efficiency, precision and high-tech design while setting new standards in intralogistics work station design. Thanks to intelligent KiDesign, you get the best possible performance with the least amount of strain.

For over a decade, KNAPP has been successfully installing its work stations, while continuously developing and optimizing them. More than 1,000 Pick-it-Easy work stations with KiDesign are in operation around the world. Their Pick-it-Easy design allows for intuitive user guidance and quality checks in process, embodying KNAPP’s zero-defect philosophy.

easyUse – intuitive man-machine communication

The boundaries between man and machine are blurring rapidly thanks to the constant progression of technological possibilities and developments. Designing ergonomic, intuitive user interfaces for intralogistics is therefore increasingly important. The aim is to create an interface between man and machine that is not only easy and fun to use, thereby meeting the usability requirement, but that also guarantees a positive user experience when working with the machine. With easyUse – the standard operating concept for all KNAPP software user interfaces – KNAPP has taken an important step forward.

Pick-it-Easy Evo

Pick-it-Easy Evo is modularly constructed for maximum work station flexibility. The multi-functional all-in-one work station has been specially designed with the OSR Shuttle™ Evo in mind and connects universally with two variations: Depending on the system and the requirements, it could be a classic connection that uses a pre-zone or a direct connection to a lift without a pre-zone. This saves space, and allows for a trim work station design, as fewer target positions are needed. Pick-it-Easy Evo also stands out thanks to its intuitive user guidance – integrated LED bars and photographic documentation all contribute to quality assurance. The work station is suitable for handling small, lightweight articles as well as heavy and sensitive articles.

Smart Services convert data into information

Driving digitization on the market are the rising demands for transparency, delivery capacity and reliability as well as the desire for customized products and services. KNAPP’s Smart Services help customers to extract relevant data from the abundance of available information, to process it and interpret it accurately. This data is adapted to various target groups so that the right information is always ready, prepared for the specific purpose and available on the right device. Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow the system to develop and optimize continually.

redPILOT, the GPS for warehouse operation

The smart use of data is exemplified in redPILOT, the new software that continually optimizes warehouse operation. redPILOT allows the warehouse operating company to save money by using existing resources more intelligently. Just like a satellite navigation system, redPILOT calculates the optimal operating and human resources for integrated operations scheduling. All experience gained is used for machine learning, forming the basis for future planning and online optimization. redPILOT is in use at the EDEKA HG Rhein-Ruhr at 7 of its locations.

The overall system integration is made possible by KiSoft, KNAPP’s logistics software. This software platform manages all processes, from goods-in to goods-out, and can flexibly integrate various technologies.