Leoben Logistics Summer 2019: KNAPP presents new, innovative solutions in digital technologies

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“Digital minds” is the title of this year’s Leoben Logistics Summer on September 26 and 27, 2019 at the Montanuniversität in Leoben. This year’s event revolves around digitization and the changes coming with it. It features top speakers and workshops, and an extra portion of practical application. KNAPP will present an expanded version of the Open Shuttle along with other innovative solutions in answer to digitization. There will also be room for discussing both current and future topics related to digitization in the logistics sector with specialists from KNAPP.

Humans and machines in conversation

Today, digitization is omnipresent and humans and machines working together is a matter of course. But where are these trends and innovations leading us? What is happening in the field of AI? These questions and many more will be discussed and answered at the Leoben Logistics Summer. KNAPP will also be there, presenting their newest technologies in answer to the digital age. For their robotic solutions in particular, digitization and the connection between technology and software is vital, because their perfect interplay is what breathes intelligent life into KNAPP’s technologies.

Open Shuttle – the intelligent robot for magazine transport

KNAPP’s Open Shuttles are fantastic networkers. Thanks to their individual and swarm intelligence, the Open Shuttles are always there where the work is. They have an innovative navigation technology and move about unaided in free areas without guiding lines or markings. KNAPP will present a new add-on for the Open Shuttle at the Leoben Logistics Summer: Using a special structure, the top-heavy PCB magazines can be quickly and safely transported through a warehouse or production area. This enhanced variant is of particular interest for electronics production. What’s more, thanks to the EasyUse principle, customers can reconfigure the Open Shuttles by themselves, and integrating the shuttles into a warehouse requires no structural measures.

Artificial intelligence at KNAPP

Machine learning processes are what make KNAPP technologies so intelligent. The human’s role is to feed the machine with data and rules, allowing robots like the Pick-it-Easy Robot to learn self-sufficiently. Thanks to these processes, the machines can keep developing independently.

Digital organization using ivii.fastscan

The ivii.fastscan app makes it easier and faster than ever to create inventory, stock and spare parts lists without error. The app captures article data quickly and easily, allowing working with lists in the usual way. ivii.fastscan brings order into chaos, and an automatic backup guarantees that the data is reliably protected.

Innovative employer in the technology sector

KNAPP is an innovative technological company that is blazing trails in the field of digital technology. KNAPP identifies and sets new trends and is an innovative employer, and digitization is part of their daily work. Aspiring future talents can learn more about the many different career opportunities at KNAPP. The Human Resources experts at KNAPP will be on hand at the event to answer any questions and provide information on the many opportunities and prospects within the company.


KNAPP is a leading technological company and provides intelligent solutions for distribution and production. Numerous innovations originating from the Austrian headquarters have successfully gone around the world. Industry know-how is an important aspect of the company’s success. In the past business year, the KNAPP group invested around 48 million euros in research and development. The company has around 4,500 employees worldwide – with 2,200 at the headquarters in Hart bei Graz.