Migros Zürich commissions KNAPP once again with a FAST Picking solution

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Following the successful implementation of the first FAST Picking system that completely automated the fruit and vegetable range, the co-operative Migros Zürich decided to work with KNAPP again. Since January 2017, fresh items have been picked automatically using the new system. 

The co-operative Migros Zürich is the second largest Swiss retail company with a sales network of 104 Migros shops, 25 speciality markets, 47 catering establishments and 11 Migros partners in Switzerland. Every day in Zurich, up to 1,400 different dairy, convenience and catering articles, including baked goods, arrive on site and are assembled for delivery to around 150 stores. Beat Erb, Head of Engineering at the co-operative Migros Zürich, is delighted to be working with KNAPP again. “Our experience with the first automatic picking solution for the fruits and vegetable range was so positive that we decided to implement another KNAPP solution.”

Making light work of heavy handling units

The articles usually arrive on site in standardized Migros handling units or in foldable crates from an external pool crate supplier. These units are mostly heavy, so manual picking would place a great deal of physical strain on employees. Migros therefore relies on automatic processing of the handling units, which results in the most economical and accurate picking process.

Efficient automation

With the FAST Picking solution, KNAPP offers the ideal system for automatic, high-performance picking of standard handling units. The core components include the automatic depalletizing and palletizing machines, as well as the OSR Shuttle™ storage system. In a special splitting procedure carried out during depalletization, target handling units are created directly from the incoming original pallets for delivery to stores. The remaining quantities are depalletized and loaded on to trays for buffering in the OSR Shuttle™. The OSR Shuttle™ offers around 12,500 storage locations in 12 rack line systems with 7 levels for the space-effective temporary storage of articles. Prior to dispatch, the handling units are retrieved and conveyed in the ideal sequence to the high-performance stacking machines. KiSoft Pack Master calculates the optimal pallet image for automatic formation of pallets so that the handling units are stacked in a shop-friendly manner. The system is designed to process 90,000 handling units per day within a temperature range of 1–4°C. “The KNAPP automation technology ensures economical and on-time delivery,” explains Beat Erb, who is completely satisfied with the solution.

Image description:

Image 05: ……. The articles are temporarily stored in the OSR Shuttle™ until they are required for shipping. The shuttle system provides 12,500 storage locations in 12 rack lines and across 7 levels.

Image 06: ……. When shop orders arrive, the trays are retrieved from the OSR Shuttle™ in the right sequence and transported to the buffer lines.

Image 08: ……. After automatic palletizing, the completed pallets are wrapped, given an address label and conveyed on the Powerline pallet conveyor system towards the goods-out area.

Photo credit: KANIZAJ Marija-M. | 2016 for KNAPP AG

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