Ready for Smart Production

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CeMAT, Stand C34, Halle 21

KNAPP is opening up new opportunities for manufacturing industries with new approaches, and a mix of innovative and tried and tested technologies. Summarized in the term smart warehouse, KNAPP offers intelligent solutions for production logistics that not only ensure maximum flexibility and investment security, but also allow efficiency, profitability, ergonomics and quality to take centre stage.

The systems of Logistics 4.0 are fully networked and offer a secure and stable platform in a dynamic market environment. At the same time, these systems need to have sufficient flexibility and capacity to keep up with all current demands. At the CeMAT, which will take place April 23–27, as part of the industrial fair in Hannover, KNAPP will present its all-in-one, smart warehouse solutions for production logistics.

OSR Shuttle Evo in combination with Open Shuttles and ivii.smartdesk
A storage system that is flexible in terms of function as well as size can handle various processes, such as space-effective and secure storage, temporary storage of articles, semi-finished articles or raw materials. The OSR Shuttle EVO is at the heart of the solution, efficiently supplying all work areas. Coupled with the free-moving, autonomous Open Shuttles and the intelligent feedback system provided by ivii.smartdesk, we’re heading into a new logistical era.

100 % quality check with the ivii.smartdesk
The ivii.smartdesk by KNAPP allows a 100 % quality check to take place during the assembly process. The integrated image recognition and image processing system scans every component that is installed during production. Thanks to a real-time feedback system, the employee receives an immediate evaluation of the quality of the step taken.

Intelligent software
With its software product lines KiSoft and SAP®EWM by KNAPP, KNAPP offers customized solutions that meet all the demands of production logistics. KNAPP remains true to its slogan, making complexity simple, with its all-in-one software solutions, designing complex processes for transparency and manageability.

About ivii GmbH

As the image processing experts within the KNAPPP group, ivii GmbH develops smart image processing solutions for quality assurance. Their goal and mission is to capture optical data and make it usable with the help of image processing solutions.