Technology and COVID-19: KNAPP helps with new products

Press information: Published on in Company, Service, Technology

COVID-19 is changing many things in our lives as well as in logistics, confronting us with major challenges such as integrating protective measures in our everyday life as best as possible. KNAPP supports its customers with tailored solutions and new products providing protection against the coronavirus. By introducing new technologies, KNAPP has significantly expanded opportunities for remote support.

KNAPP solutions help to protect customers and employees as best possible in various areas:

  • Admission control for pharmacies: Digital Butler by Apostore
  • Contactless shopping: Project Retail CX
  • Safety in distribution and production: Disinfection using UV-C light
  • Experts connected with crystal-clear sound and image across the globe:
  • The navigation system for efficient plant operation: redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution
  • Intelligent helpers in the warehouse around the clock: Pick-it-Easy Robot

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