Novaltia Builds New DC with KNAPP

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The cornerstone for further collaboration has been laid and the project is ready for the next round. Spanish pharmaceutical wholesaler Novaltia is once again relying on a complete solution by KNAPP for their headquarters in Saragossa. Using the intelligent all-in-shuttle solution for automated order fulfilment means that the logistics processes in the new DC will be kept trim, with precise sequencing making flexible, reliable order fulfilment possible.

Today, Novaltia operates five distribution centres and delivers to more than 1,000 pharmacies – up to five times daily – ensuring all their pharmacies are always provided with medicines. The two companies have been partners for 24 years. “Our successful collaboration has been characterised by mutual trust. KNAPP goes above and beyond covering our general needs, as they understand the diversity and complexity of our processes,” emphasises Fernando Castillo, CEO, Novaltia. As an industry leader, Novaltia has always prioritised the use of innovative technologies and is already benefitting from KNAPP solutions at two locations. Together, they continually expand and optimise their existing distribution centres.


Innovative, sustainable shuttle solution

Novaltia selected KNAPP’s comprehensive all-in shuttle solution. The five-aisle OSR Shuttle Evo system with around 49,000 storage locations supplies four ergonomic Pick-it-Easy Evo work stations. Additionally, two OSR shuttle sorters are set up specifically for dispatch.

The entire warehouse is engineered for an impressive throughput of 1,200 order containers per hour and has a capacity of more than 40,000 SKUs.

“The special requirements of pharmaceutical wholesale have always been important aspects in the development of KNAPP’s innovative systems and products. Over the years, the work with Novaltia has been intense but transparent, which is ideal for the partnership, because it has led to new ideas again and again,” explains Franz Mathi, COO at KNAPP.


KiSoft ensures maximum performance

The KiSoft warehouse logistics software pairs perfectly with the innovative hardware. Ensuring efficient, error-free processes in the highly automated warehouse is the job of the all-encompassing KiSoft software solution, which allows Novaltia to control, monitor and optimise all flows of goods in real time.

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