Once again, Dagab banks on KNAPP’s fully automatic FAST Picking solution for delivery to stores across the country

Press information: Published on in Food, Technology

Dagab has once again given KNAPP the task of delivering a fully automatic solution for store delivery from the company’s new distribution center in Landskrona, Sweden. The solution will boost the DC’s efficiency, flexibility, and capacity to process an ever-increasing number of orders. KNAPP’s solution forms the basis for the logistics infrastructure of the future and will improve the services and support for the company’s customers. The go-live is planned for the beginning of 2024.

In Landskrona, Dagab is investing in a new distribution center of 37,000 square meters (approx. 398,200 ft2) in size for delivering fruit and vegetables to stores across the country. Within the Axfood Group, Dagab is responsible for store deliveries and logistics processes and uses KNAPP’s FAST Picking solution (Fully Automated Standard Tray Picking) for handling standard units.
The fully automatic solution in the new distribution center will include palletizing and stacking machines, the OSR Shuttle™ Evo picking and storage system, as well as Powerline, a robust pallet transport system, and Streamline, a conveyor system for light goods that interconnects all these system areas. Thanks to the systems’ efficient processes, Dagab will be able to fill 55,000 handling units per day quickly and cost-effectively.

“Equipped with the latest technology, the fully automatic solution from KNAPP ensures smart product flows. Our goal is to continuously improve our services for and interaction with our customers,” says Nicholas Petterson, CEO of Dagab.

Automation beefs up both capacity and flexibility

The FAST Picking solution from KNAPP handles orders for store delivery quickly and efficiently. Fully automatic processes in goods-in and goods-out ensure efficient and error-free order processing, taking the strain off employees as they no longer have to take on physically demanding tasks. The core of the solution is the OSR Shuttle™ Evo, which consists of six rack line systems and 14,000 storage locations for a wide range of goods.

KNAPP’s KiSoft software portfolio serves as an interface between the systems and Dagab’s SAP system and controls the entire delivery process behind the scenes. With the FAST Picking solution, Dagab can prepare orders according to the layout of each store. This increases their efficiency, flexibility and capacity for handling the ever-increasing number of orders.
Designed with future growth in mind, the system can be easily adapted to a continued increase in demand. Through the collaboration with KNAPP, Dagab lays the foundation for the logistics infrastructure of the future.

“We continuously invest heavily in the development of our solutions. At the same time, we believe that long-term partnerships with our customers are important for generating value over time. In supplying a new facility with cutting-edge technology, we help Dagab strengthen their position further, bolstering our confidence,” says Mikael Holmqvist, Managing Director of KNAPP AB.

Dagab and KNAPP build on their partnership

Dagab already has a FAST Picking solution from KNAPP in operation in Jönköping. From the distribution center in Jönköping, Dagab supplies 600 stores and smaller warehouses with fresh produce. The new solution in Landskrona will be as efficient as the existing solution in Jönköping, which handles an extensive food range, including dairy products, meat products and fruit and vegetables.