Order fulfilment – or picking – is one of the most critical processes in a distribution centre. Several picking systems are available, catering to different turnover rates and article characteristics. Efficient – accurate – paperless. KNAPP technologies like KiSoft RF, KiSoft Voice Picking, KiSoft Pick-to-Light and Vision Manual Picking provide support in manual picking areas. Tried and tested central belt technology with a range of different autopickers means that picking is automatic. When workers reach their limits, the innovative Pick-it-Easy Robot guarantees high performance and quality over long periods of time. KNAPP tops off its portfolio of state-of-the-art picking systems with the ergonomic goods-to-person work stations from the Pick-it-Easy series.  


Paperless picking systems guarantee efficient and accurate order processing in manual picking areas. KNAPP has a range of paperless picking systems on hand.

loesungen_technologien_arbeitsplaetze_voice_picking Voice Picking is a voice-operated, paperless picking system used to achieve efficient and accurate order processing. Not only that, but it can also be used to assist in manual processes such as replenishment or inventory. Employees receive information on the order (articles, storage location, picking quantity) through a voice terminal and headset. They then confirm that the work step has been completed using a voice command. Voice is easy to integrate in existing systems. It ensures intuitive operation and means that much less training is required for new members of staff. Paperless picking supported by voice technology means employees always have both hands free for picking. There is no need to use displays or push buttons, which makes Voice Picking ideal for picking applications in deep freeze areas.

loesungen_technologien_arbeitsplaetze_visual-case-picking Beleglos kommissionieren, manuell kommissionieren, Pick-by-Vision. ivii.assist, Datenbrille, Industrie 4.0; intelligent kommissionieren Vision Manual Picking is a visual, paperless picking system that can be used in a variety of ways, opening new dimensions in terms of mobility, flexibility and quality. Visual Manual Picking includes a sturdy headset with an integrated camera and augmented reality technology especially designed for the industrial sector. Fast, simple and accurate picking with Vision Manual Picking:

  • Articles and article data (e.g. 1D and 2D codes) captured simply by looking at them
  • Vision Manual Picking displays the information for each step of work directly in the user’s field of vision
  • Navigation system guides the user along the quickest route to the article
  • One last look: Vision Manual Picking checks the completed orders

Working intuitively with Visual Manual Picking means that new employees need a lot less training. Vision Manual Picking is also easy to integrate into the existing software landscape. Zero defect strategies can be applied in manual picking areas with the help of innovative technology for image recognition and processing. KiSoft Pack Master, which calculates the packing arrangement for pallets and roll containers, and Visual Manual Picking make a great team. Vision Manual Picking is therefore truly in sync with KNAPP’s zero defect philosophy.

loesungen_technologien_arbeitsplaetze_pick-to-light KiSoft Pick-to-Light is a display-guided, paperless picking system, which helps to achieve efficient and accurate picking in manual picking areas. Rapid orientation is attainable using control panels with illuminated position indicators; the pick location and quantity are marked clearly. KiSoft Pick-to-Light boosts efficiency in order fulfilment by up to 100 % – the error rate drops drastically. Paperless picking means employees always have both hands free for order processing. As it’s so easy to operate, new employees need much less training. KiSoft Pick-to-Light also includes dynamic zone management; the size of picking areas can be adapted to the workload. A large workload = several small picking areas. A small workload = fewer, larger picking areas. Resources are put to best possible use and are distributed effectively. It’s also possible for several persons to operate within a single zone. The KiSoft Pick-to-Light system is a complete unit in itself – clearly defined interfaces make it easy to connect it to all storage systems. What’s more, KiSoft Pick-to-Light helps to guarantee a continuous flow of data. Return messages sent to the Host system mean that the status of every order and the current stock level can be checked at any time.

RF Picking RF picking is a paperless picking system with mobile radio terminals and can be used in diverse picking scenarios. User interfaces on the radio terminals indicate the article, storage location and picking quantity. The radio terminals also show employees the shortest route for order processing, minimizing both the time required for picking and the strain on employees. Employees can wear the lightweight terminals on their forearm. They can work for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued and have both hands free at all times for order processing. RF picking boosts both efficiency and quality in order fulfilment. Thanks to RF picking, manual picking is as flexible as it could possibly be. It can be used regardless of the number of SKUs and changes to the article structure. What’s more, RF picking helps to guarantee a continuous flow of data. Return messages sent to the Host system mean that the status of every order and the current stock level can be checked at any time.


During goods-to-person picking, the required articles are automatically conveyed to special goods-to-person work stations where they are picked manually. This type of picking guarantees an ergonomic way of working and efficient order processing. KNAPP has an extensive range of goods-to-person work stations available.


Cutting-edge work station design

KNAPP has been blazing trails in the design of the goods-to-person work stations for over 15 years. The design concept behind the Pick-it-Easy work stations is KiDesign, which combines ergonomics and precision with cost-effectiveness and sophisticated design. The intelligent KiDesign achieves the best performance possible with the least amount of strain. With KiDesign, KNAPP has raised the bar in work station design.

Intuitive man and machine communication

The easyUse operating concept is the next logical step in the KiDesign work station model. In keeping with our slogan making complexity simple, easyUse stands for maximum ease of use, operating comfort, modern work station design, and man-machine communication. In particular, easyUse focuses on simplicity and consistency. The easyUse interfaces are clearly structured and use icons and colour to support intuitive interaction. The user can navigate quickly and accurately through the individual work steps using touchscreens. They can call up any information they need at any time. An immediate sense of achievement boosts employee satisfaction and facilitates efficient and more accurate work.

KNAPP Lösungen & Technologien: Pick-it-EasyUnparalleled work station concept

Pick-it-Easy is the KNAPP’s innovative series of work stations based on the goods-to-person principle. The Pick-it-Easy work station series successfully combines efficiency, ergonomics, precision, cost-effectiveness and cutting-edge work station design for use in the industrial sector. Pick-it-Easy work stations reduce the number of monotonous and strenuous tasks involving lifting, stooping and stretching to reach objects. At the same time, they boost efficiency in order processing as well as the quality of deliveries and services. In developing the Pick-it-Easy series, KNAPP has applied its zero defect philosophy to the world of work stations. The ergo-dynamic KiDesign, the easyUse intuitive user guidance system and automated checks within processes guarantee maximum quality and performance. More than 600 Pick-it-Easy work stations are in operation around the world.

Advantages of Pick-it-Easy

  • Multifunctional goods-to-person work stations
  • Many different styles available to suit requirements specific to different sectors
  • Individually adaptable
  • KiDesign for maximum efficiency, quality and ergonomics
  • Intuitive man and machine communication with easyUse
  • Vision technology makes a 100 % check possible
  • Individually adaptable to the work process
  • Goods and operating elements are always within easy reach

Find out more about Pick-it-Easy here.


In automatic picking areas, autopickers or robots take care of order processing. Human intervention is not necessary during the standard picking process. Automatic picking is particularly effective in high-performance applications or when consistent quality and performance are required over long periods of time.


Central Belt System

The Central Belt System is an all-in-one, automatic picking solution.
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The KNAPP-Store is an innovative storage and picking system that can be used along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, whether in wholesale or for online pharmacies.
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KHT is part of the international KNAPP group and has more than 30 years of experience in innovative warehouse technology. With the INDU-Store, KHT offers an efficient and versatile picking solution.
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Pick-it-Easy Robot

The Pick-it-Easy Robot is an industrial robot developed for automatic picking. With it, KNAPP has succeeded in achieving “bin picking”, opening new possibilities for intralogistics.
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KNAPP Medication Dispenser

The KNAPP Medication Dispenser (KMeD) is an innovative automation solution for fast, efficient and accurate picking of patient-specific orders into vials.
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Automatic Tablet Dispenser

The Automatic Tablet Dispenser (ATD) is a fully automatic picking solution for picking individual tablets required for specific patient prescriptions.
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Pharmacy autopickers

Autopickers for pharmacies complete KNAPP's product range for catering the entire supply chain.
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