SAP® EWM by KNAPP: More than just a Warehouse Management System

Do you rely on an SAP® IT strategy for your supply chain? If so, SAP® Extended Warehouse Management, or SAP® EWM for short, is the ideal way to combine the power of a warehouse management system and warehouse control system to keep your warehouse running smoothly. Find out more about our intelligent solutions featuring SAP® EWM by KNAPP.

End-to-end, flexible warehouse management system and warehouse control system

SAP® EWM is a comprehensive, integrated SAP® end-to-end solution that performs all the functions of a warehouse management system (WMS) and a warehouse control system (WCS). As with any best-of-breed solution, its functions, including the WCS layer SAP® EWM MFS (Material Flow System), can be activated as needed. The WCS layer is an integrated module within the logistics software and directly controls the material flow in automated warehouses by establishing a direct communication with the PLC.

In its standard scope, the SAP warehouse management system includes all the important processes and functions from goods-in to shipping. What’s more, the solution is available in on-premise and cloud options. As an SAP partner, our intelligent all-in-one solution SAP® EWM by KNAPP provides you with the best of both worlds. Thanks to the KNAPP group’s years of expertise and industry understanding, your projects can reap the benefits of our experience and solution know-how that comes from implementing over 100 SAP® EWM projects and more than 3,000 WMS and WCS projects worldwide.

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Solutions for all levels of automation

SAP’s logistics software is a warehouse management system whose scalability makes it suited to every level of automation. Thanks to the integrated material flow system, SAP® EWM MFS, the warehouse management system is directly linked to the PLC. This reduces the number of interfaces as the automation solutions can be integrated directly into SAP, allowing end-to-end control of processes in a single system.

With SAP® EWM by KNAPP, we offer the following options for implementation as a warehouse management system and/or warehouse control system:

  1. SAP® EWM with MFS as a comprehensive WMS and WCS solution with direct integration of KNAPP or third-party technologies for greenfield or WMS/WCS retrofit projects
  2. Healthcare Model Company – a comprehensive WMS und WCS solution geared for the special requirements of the healthcare sector for greenfield or WMS/WCS retrofit projects
  3. SAP® EWM template, with or without SAP® EWM MFS, for rolling out to multiple warehouse locations for greenfield or WMS/WCS retrofit projects
  4. SAP® EWM MFS as a WCS solution for existing SAP® EWM systems, including systems from third-party suppliers
  5. KNAPP Building Blocks for integrating KNAPP technologies and implementing sector-specific processes in new or existing SAP® EWM systems, including systems from third-party suppliers
Illustration of an end-to-end SAP® system landscape in a warehouse run with SAP® ERP. Here, SAP® EWM serves as the warehouse management system and SAP® EWM MFS as the warehouse control system, which allows the automation technologies to be integrated directly on the PLC level.
Illustration of an end-to-end SAP® system landscape in a warehouse operated using SAP® ERP, with SAP® EWM by KNAPP serving as the warehouse management system and SAP® EWM MFS as the warehouse control system, allowing the automation technologies to be integrated directly in the PLC control system. KNAPP Building Blocks facilitate the implementation of sector-specific processes as well as the direct integration of KNAPP technologies.

Advantages of SAP® EWM by KNAPP as a warehouse management system and warehouse control system

Optimal solution for an SAP® IT strategy using internationally proven standard SAP® functionalities
Opportunity to create your own internal SAP® EWM resources with the KNAPP joint team approach
KNAPP best practice solutions and KNAPP Building Blocks enable rapid, risk-free implementation of sector-specific requirements
Ongoing handover using proven project management, including multi-step testing methodology and digital twins
Scalable logistics software for every level of automation and rollout to multiple locations
Automation integrated directly without an additional warehouse control computer thanks to comprehensive expertise in SAP® EWM MFS
24/7 SAP® EWM Service Desk (also for SAP® EWM solutions from third-party suppliers)
Complete transparency and security as the source code is on the customer system and knowledge is transferred to customer

Proven KNAPP project strategy

Conceptualize solution

Implementation concept including procedure, risk assessment, success factors, scheduling and budget


Solutions based on EWM standards are complemented by KNAPP best practice solutions and detailed definition of the project scope


Implementation in business releases and use of emulation/simulation to minimize startup and test periods on site

Deploy & Run

Successful go-live and rapid ramp-up

24/7 SAP® EWM Service Desk

Optimal support through the hypercare phase to the end of the project and beyond

KNAPP Building Blocks for a sector-specific warehouse management system

More than 80 percent of the warehouse processes across all sectors are identical. That is why SAP® EWM by KNAPP is pre-configured based on KNAPP best practice solutions. KNAPP Building Blocks are ready-to-use software modules based on 100 percent SAP® coding. They expand on the standard EWM to cover the sector-specific or specific material flow requirements of a warehouse. They also make it possible to directly connect various KNAPP technologies, which means the project focuses completely on the customer’s individual processes, ensuring a short implementation period and minimal project risk.

SAP® end-to-end solution with SAP® EWM MFS

As part of the WCS layer, SAP® EWM MFS (material flow system) is included in the standard SAP® EWM, with the exception of the SAP® EWM embedded basic solution. Designed for controlling material flows in automated warehouses, the solution also allows the direct integration of warehouse and conveyor technologies at the PLC level. With KNAPP as your SAP partner, you benefit from our broad expertise in SAP® EWM MFS that we have built up over the course of diverse WMS and WCS retrofit projects with automation solutions by KNAPP and other manufacturers. Middleware is therefore obsolete; interfaces are reduced and overall process stability is improved. What’s more, the logistics processes are all mapped in an end-to-end SAP® system landscape.

Joint implementation for optimal knowledge transfer

Working together takes top priority in our proven project management approach. After an initial analysis of the processes, material flows and systems, we recommend an appropriate solution. Implementing the logistics software from SAP as a joint team provides the needed continuity during and after the handover and ensures that the necessary know-how is transferred to your in-house IT team. Our proven multi-stage test methodology includes a digital twin for the subordinate control systems (PLC); additionally, the right planning ensures that the go-live and ramp up are successful. Furthermore, our ITIL® certified 24/7 SAP® EWM Service Desk provides optimal support once the project has been handed over.

SAP® EWM Service Desk

As an SAP partner, we offer not only solutions, implementation and 24/7 services for our own SAP® EWM projects, but also for existing SAP® EWM systems from third-party suppliers. Our spot consulting for optimizing your SAP ® warehouse management system and our comprehensive services include a thorough analysis of your processes, material flows and systems. We then use this information to create a customized, comprehensive optimization concept that includes transferring to individual support from our ITIL® certified 24/7 SAP® EWM Service Desk with a 24/7 hotline.

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Learn which companies are already relying on KNAPP as their SAP partner:

Voigt Industrie Service AG

The all-in-one pharma value chain at Voigt

To successfully master the pharmacy wholesale value chain of the future, Voigt implemented a flexible logistics solution, controlled by SAP® EWM by KNAPP: VOLOGIN.

Herba Chemosan Apother AG

SAP® EWM MFS integration at Herba

With the integration of SAP® EWM MFS, Herba now has an end-to-end software landscape in SAP®, from the warehouse management system and warehouse control system to the material flow system.

EGLO Leuchten GmbH

Template with rollout to four central warehouses

The world market leader in decorative indoor and outdoor lighting modernized their four central warehouses in Europe using SAP® EWM by KNAPP for their warehouse management system.


Frutura and KNAPP bolster their SAP® EWM partnership

To adapt their existing SAP® EWM solution to the processes in their new logistics center in Vorchdorf, Austria, Frutura once again turned to the experts at KNAPP.

Kwizda Pharmahandel GmbH

WMS retrofit using an SAP® EWM template

For modern, up-to-date distribution of medicines, pharmaceutical wholesaler Kwizda Pharmahandel GmbH selected SAP® EWM by KNAPP to implement as their new warehouse management system.

Würth Group

Würth automates four locations with KNAPP

Würth entrusted the expansion of their largest international subsidiaries to KNAPP, while Würth France and Würth Italy are banking on KNAPP’s SAP® EWM expertise for the first time.

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