SAP® EWM by KNAPP as Warehouse Management System

Rigid supply chains have become dynamic, digitally integrated and open systems. The supply chain has become a value chain. Do you rely on an SAP® IT strategy for your supply chain management? If so, SAP® Extended Warehouse Management (SAP® EWM) by KNAPP is the right software solution for your warehouse management system.

SAP® EWM by KNAPP at a glance

SAP® Extended Warehouse Management (SAP® EWM) is a comprehensive, integrated and end-to-end SAP® solution fulfilling all the functions of both a warehouse management system (WMS) and a warehouse control system (WCS), while connecting directly to the control system (PLC). This allows the entire warehouse to be controlled by a single system.

SAP® EWM by KNAPP is a cutting-edge, comprehensive solution that brings together the best of two worlds: SAP® EWM logistics software backed by the decades of industry expertise that the KNAPP group has under its belt. With KNAPP as your SAP partner you will benefit from the experience we have gained from implementing more than 90 SAP® EWM projects and more than 2,000 WMS/WCS projects worldwide. We have the experience and solution-oriented skills you need.

Advantages of SAP® EWM by KNAPP

We offer various solutions involving SAP® EWM such as new implementations, retrofits and even templates for rollouts across several locations, including services and optimizations for existing SAP® EWM solutions by other suppliers.

  • Optimum warehouse management system as part of your SAP® IT strategy
  • End-to-end SAP® solution with direct integration of automated systems
  • Control the entire warehouse conveniently and easily using a single system
  • Scalable logistics software for every degree of automation: manual RF-, voice-guided or even complex automated warehouses
  • Transparency and security provided by source code transfer
  • Benefit from SAP® EWM standards and KNAPP Building Blocks
  • Expanding know-how on both sides of the aisle through joint implementation
  • 24/7 SAP® EWM Service Desk (for SAP® EWM solutions from other suppliers as well)
  • KNAPP as a long-standing implementation partner for SAP® EWM with a secure future


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tailored to sector- and warehouse-specific requirements

Customized warehouse management system

The standard SAP® EWM version covers all the relevant warehouse processes and functions from goods-in to shipping. As an SAP partner, we offer many possibilities to tailor this WMS software to your sector- and warehouse-specific requirements for your warehouse management, and by working together with you, we can ensure the necessary transfer of knowledge.

With SAP® EWM by KNAPP, we offer our customers the best end-to-end logistics solution on an SAP® IT platform, in line with our philosophy of making complexity simple, thanks to our many years of experience in warehouse automation and the knowledge gained from practical experience in successful projects.

Gerald Lassau, KIS
Gerald Lassau
Managing Director of KNAPP IT Solutions GmbH

A logistics software for all degrees of automation, SAP® EWM comes with an integrated material flow control system (MFS) that is directly connected to the control system (PLC). This way, SAP® EWM with MFS is able to control not only KNAPP technologies such as the Streamline and Powerline conveyor systems, the OSR Shuttle™, the Central Belt System or the KNAPP Store, but also similar solutions from other suppliers.

Various implementation models are available:

  • SAP® EWM with MFS as a warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS)
  • SAP® EWM Healthcare Model Company is a complete WMS/WCS solution, with extensions to handle the special requirements of the healthcare sector
  • SAP® EWM with MFS simply as a WCS solution
  • KNAPP Building Blocks for integrating KNAPP subsystems and technologies into SAP® EWM

    The graphic displays three different levels. The top level is the SAP® ERP system. It is a white field with the text “SAP® ERP” and the SAP logo on the left. The level below is a yellow field and represents the next software level below SAP® ERP. In the left corner is the SAP logo and in the right corner the KNAPP logo. Between is the text “SAP® EWM by KNAPP” and “SAP® EWM MFS by KNAPP”. Two text blocks are at the lower edge of the field representing the KNAPP Building Blocks for the connection of the hardware. In the lower level these hardware components are depicted in icon form. This includes a shuttle, a robot and conveyor systems that are controlled through the upper level (SAP® EWM MFS by KNAPP). Outside the field are the icons of a computer, a printer and an RF terminal that are equipped with KNAPP easyUse software and are connected to the software landscape as well.
    SAP® EWM by KNAPP including MFS as integrated WMS and WCS in an SAP® system landscape with SAP® ERP ECC or S/4HANA as enterprise resource planning system.

More than 80 percent of the warehouse processes across all sectors are identical. That is the reason why SAP® EWM by KNAPP is pre-configured based on KNAPP best practice solutions. KNAPP Building Blocks are ready-to-use software and configuration modules based on up to 100 percent SAP® coding. They are an extension of the SAP® EWM standard system involving requirements specific to a sector or to the material flow of a warehouse and allow various KNAPP technologies to be plugged into SAP® EWM. The focus of a project is primarily on developing and implementing the processes that are specific to the customer. This ensures a short implementation period and minimal project risk.

With our proven project practices, “doing things right – doing the right things,” collaboration takes top priority. After an initial analysis of the processes, material flows and systems and based on our experience, we recommend an appropriate KNAPP best practice solution. Implementing SAP® EWM together in a collaborative effort ensures that the necessary know-how is transferred and, consequently, a smooth hand-over. A proven multi-stage test methodology is used that includes a digital twin for the subordinate control systems (PLC); additionally, the right planning ensures that the Go-Live and ramp up are successful. Furthermore, the ITIL® certified KNAPP 24/7 SAP® EWM Service Desk (Hotline) provides optimal support once the project has been handed over to the customer.

Solution concept




24/7 Service Desk

SAP® EWM Services

Services for SAP® EWM

Do you need a reliable partner to help you optimize your existing SAP® EWM solution? As an SAP partner, along with SAP® EWM by KNAPP, we also offer solutions, implementations and services for existing SAP® EWM solutions.

A thorough analysis of your processes, material flows and systems is always the starting point whether you need spot consulting to optimize your existing SAP® EWM or just SAP® EWM support. With this as a basis, we create a customized and comprehensive optimization concept for your SAP® EWM. This includes transfer to individual support by our ITIL® certified 24/7 SAP® EWM Service Desk with a 24/7 hotline service or focused support for specific periods and/or processes.

The change-over of our warehouses to 24/7 support was done in phases so the KNAPP Service Desk team could become familiar with our SAP® EWM with all its features. We are completely satisfied with the support.

Gerald Goldgruber, Strategischer Leiter Prozessmanagement und SAP, Frutura Obst & Gemüse Kompetenzzentrum GmbH
Gerald Goldgruber
Strategic Head, Process Management and SAP, Frutura Obst & Gemüse Kompetenzzentrum GmbH

Frequently asked questions about SAP® EWM

Frequently asked questions about SAP® EWM

SAP® Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a logistics software solution in the SAP Supply Chain Management suite. The software is a warehouse management system with an integrated warehouse control system. Its many functions provide a flexible and automated handling of the material flow and stock management in a warehouse.

Learn more about SAP® EWM.

SAP® EWM including MFS (material flow system) is a module within SAP® EWM. It controls the material flow in an automated warehouse, and communicates directly between the SAP® software and the PLC.

In comparison to other WMS and WCS software solutions, SAP® EWM offers the advantage of being a best-of-suite solution. This means that the processes listed below and more can be conveniently and easily carried out using just a single system:

  • Uniform and central mapping of all business processes and the associated logic
  • Rapid, flexible adaptation of the material flow control
  • Changes and adaptations are made centrally in one software, significantly reducing impacts on interfaces
  • Monitoring the operative warehouse management in one system
  • Possibility of an integral, detailed test with an emulation/simulation
  • Error analysis in one system, determining the cause more efficiently and rapidly
  • Use of SAP® standard functionalities proven worldwide
  • Availability of many SAP suppliers in the market and a large community
  • Possibility to build internal SAP® EWM MFS resources
  • Standardized SAP development processes and test procedures (with emulation)

Current and planned further developments and optimizations of SAP are found in the SAP® EWM Roadmap.

The decision on whether SAP® EWM embedded in S4/HANA or the decentralized installation is the optimal model depends on the individual business case. Among other things, various individual requirements such as the scope of functionality, material flow and the degree of automation should all be taken into account. Our SAP® EWM experts are happy to help you find the optimal solution for your project.

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